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But that's what annoys me about the storm - it's the fact that there's nothing significantly different or special about it apart from a name and a badge to make it limited and rare.

Look at the SWB Audi Sport Quattro - now that's a special car, albeit in a different league to the C.

Should the rarity value of Storms be judged by the number of badge sets that VW issued? Or maybe we should get a list of all VRs sorted by colour, and pick the one that's the rarest and see if that's worth more?

Just an opinion, but I think there has to be a real differentiator for a limited edition in terms of spec, but preferably also in performance.
Yep, it would have been nice it had come with a Schrick inlet manifold and some hot cams, say. Wasn't the idea that it sort of marked the end of the Corrado, rather than it was genuinely special in terms of spec. Was there anything extraordinary about the Scirocco Storm editons?

My take would be that it only really matters if you decide it does. Otherwise it doesn't. Or something like that.