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Thread: Door handle and lock problem

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    Door handle and lock problem

    Not my first time changing the striker, several before this.
    Cars sadly been off the road for years, def the hardest to replace this time as the lock pop-up knob part was seized, 3 hrs just to get the door open!
    Striker bit was easy, took the lock mechanism out as well and all the bars attached to lube etc.
    Has anyone had issues with the mechanism being bent and not lining up with the handle mechanism?
    The knob lock part has barely any movement as its fouling in the mechanism - this is by hand now, not refitted it yet...

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    I’d try and get hold of a new door lock mech if the handle seems ok lilfuzzer might have one. Is the movement on the central locking pump ok ?
    4th one surely the last

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    I’ll see how it goes when i put it back together, i’d say i probably bent it struggling to get it apart, was refusing to release so i got a bit heavy handed...

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    Oh... handles fine, i pulled the pump out for now. No battery anyway, this is early stages of getting the old girl running again...
    Off the road for ten years since gearbox went, ran it and moved it till battery died and both handles broke - not moved for 5 yrs so a lot of work ahead if i get time...

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    Good luck with the resuscitation mate.
    4th one surely the last

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    All sorted.
    Most the problem was part of the mechanism at the bottom wouldn't spring back - note - doing bottom allen key too tight also causes this.
    Top part was bent and got it back as close as can be but obvs wear...
    Took a few attempts refitting but now perfect

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