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Thread: Spoonfed tuning

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    Quote Originally Posted by annavr6 View Post
    WC805000 - Spoonfed Tuning RHD Black Lower Windscreen Trim - £214.53

    WC805001 - Spoonfed Tuning, RHD Black Scuttle Cover, Corrado - £197.46

    WC805002 - Spoonfed Tuning, RHD Carbon Fibre Scuttle Cover, Corrado - £197.46

    WC805903 - Spoonfed Tuning 70mm Front Splitter, Corrado - £191.63

    WC827000 - Spoonfed Tuning Euro Plate Holder, Black, Corrado - £188.79

    WC827003 - Spoonfed Tuning Extended Rear Spoiler, Black, Corrado - £257.46

    All prices are plus VAT. Shipping is free from us.
    Ooo xmas present for self.
    95 VR6
    One day she will drive out of my Garage

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    A question for Anna,
    Now Spoonfedtuning are making the 90mm front lip,are you going to stick them ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragon green View Post
    A question for Anna,
    Now Spoonfedtuning are making the 90mm front lip,are you going to stick them ?
    Yes, but we wouldnt order these until we make our next order so we will need to sell some of the new parts coming in first.

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    Would you be able to get the extended rear spoiler in carbon finish??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bristolbaron View Post
    The owner is racist scum and banned from the forum. I wouldn’t fit his parts to my car if they were free.
    Did you miss this Anna or choose to ignore it? I won't be using Heritage now either if you're working with Spoonfed.
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