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Thread: Home made tools

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    Home made tools

    Just been reading about removing the rid ring from the petrol tank.You can make a tool to remove it
    So what is the best or any home made tool you have made

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    They are cheap enough to buy, it would be difficult to make one much cheaper. Most time-saving tool I've made I use to route the door lock pin through the hole in the door card when I've taken it off and am putting it back on. It's a 4 inch piece of stiff plastic hose with an ID large enough to put over the pin, but with an OD small enough to get through the hole in the door card

    Another tool I made is for bleeding brakes and clutch. It's a very large syringe with a long hose affixed to it that fits snugly over all the bleeders. Using it I can bleed my brakes and clutch by myself.
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