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Thread: Corrado Storm 1995 Green, manual, VR6 – 2 owners from new 130,000 miles

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    Corrado Storm 1995 Green, manual, VR6 – 2 owners from new 130,000 miles

    Corrado Storm 1995 Green, manual, VR6 – 2 owners from new 130,000 miles

    MOT Nov 2018 - No advisories

    From following the market from a distance, based on the condition, the current advertised prices of Storms elsewhere, the 2-owner status, the cars history on file and the work undertaken in recent years I think it could be worth in the region of £8,000 – £10,000. However, I accept we often do not know what cost these cars are actually trading hands for, I also accept that the car is not completely original, even though the upgrades undertaken are well tested and complimentary to the vehicle.

    I purchased this Green Storm in March 2013, as a one owner local car with circa 124,700 miles on the clock. In the 6 years since I have only done 5000 miles.
    The car was originally purchased from VW Worcester on the 29th November 1995 at a price of £21,862. It is designated as a “Storm” model as noted on the bill of sale and the extended warranty documentation I have on file. The chassis number of the car reflects the last batch of 1300 Corrado’s that were produced; the batch from which the 500 “Storms” were within.

    The car has the normal Storm spec of Classic Green paint LC6U, cream leather, heated seats, colour coded grill (with solid top slats) and BBS solitude alloy wheels with BBS alloy wheel caps.

    The car has a full VW or VW specialist service history up until my ownership in 2013 with a massive file of receipts spanning its lifetime. It has continued to be serviced since 2013 either by myself or by a Mechanic friend who is a VW nut and a Morgan Sports Car Specialist who has incredibly high standards of work and does all the servicing work on my Morgan +8. Frankly I would not trust many other garages to do work on these cars anymore. Certainly, none close to me.

    When I purchased the car the then owner advised that the car had been used predominately to drive between his flat in Brighton (place of work) and home in Worcester; therefore, the miles it has done over its life are generally distance motorway mileage.

    The car runs great with no issues, does not use any oil and whilst the chains have not been done they are not noisy. I have had previous Corrado Vr6 engine fully rebuilt by Stealth Racing in Southam so I am aware of the issues that can present, but have no concerns on this engine. We recently replaced the sump gasket due to a slight oil weep and the bottom of the sump was spotless with no debris evident whatsoever.

    All typical parts that can have problems on the Corrado are working i.e. sunroof opens, closes fully and tilts, heaters working great on all vents and all speeds, spoiler working as it should, heated seats work etc etc…

    I have undertaken a large amount of (largely unnecessary) work on the car over the years using quality OEM or genuine VW.

    I had not planned to sell this car ever and I have therefore undertaken some upgrades/modification which I think are an enhancement to get full enjoyment out of their ownership.

    • Bilstein B12 sports suspension (circa 30 - 40mm lowered from stock)
    • Magnex S/S Exhaust
    • VW 288mm front brakes. Brand new, callipers, discs, bearings, braided hoses etc less than 50 miles on them
    • VW Mk4 rear brakes. Brand new, callipers, discs, bearings, braided hoses etc, less than 50 mils on them
    • Vibratechnics front engine mount. Brand new less than 50 miles on it.
    • Audi TT Aero wiper upgrade, literally fitted last week after I sourced some 20” blades
    • Eibach front and rear anti roll bars. Brand new less than 50 miles.

    The body work and paint is in a good condition, no lacquer peel etc
    It has not had any paintwork undertaken during my ownership. There are receipts in the history file for what looks like periodic paintwork maintenance and touch up done here and there prior to my ownership. Its looks (on file) like the bonnet was painted and blended into the nsf wing in 2003 at a cost of £400 and the roof for £468 at an unspecified date; therefore, given the price of the work undertaken it would have been reputable and is of good quality.

    There are stone chips on the bonnet and the odd mark that has been touched up/sorted around the car as would be expected given the car is 24 years old and has largely the original paint.

    In 2018 the original battery tray was cut out and replacement new Corrado Battery tray was professional installed; this was due to the previous one rusting, presumably from a leaky battery at some point.

    The one area that does let the car down currently is a section of rust (now holed) to the drivers wing, there is also some rust to the top of the slam panel (the result of a once rusty bonnet stay).

    These are my last things to sort. I have a replacement rust free wing and slam panel ready to be painted.

    I currently plan to still do these prior to sale but I will be negotiable on price so will consider selling as is.

    The windscreen cracked in the first winter that I owned the car, I subsequently had a new one fitted at my own cost (£300) this was not under insurance as I wanted to use a company (Autoplus Windscreens) who are recognised as very experienced at fitting Corrido windscreens

    Works undertaken in 2016

    • Bilstein B12 Sports suspension fitted all round with all new Genuine Top mounts and front lowering caps, bump stops, dust caps, etc. I do have set of H&R front and rear lowering springs that will come with the car which are also an excellent setup for the VR6 Corrado
    • New Coil pack
    • New front fogs and indicators

    Recent work undertaken in 2018 (less than 50 miles use since)

    Having spent a few years purchasing parts to refurbish the underside of the vehicle it recently underwent a complete overhaul of the drivetrain and underside of the vehicle. On reflection I probably got a bit obsessed with the “let’s just do that too while we are at it….”

    Engine Bay
    • New OEM Quality alternator
    • New OEM quality crackpipe
    • New OEM quality thermostat housing and sensors
    • New Quality OEM Radiator (think it was a Hella)
    • Full Oil Change and Filter with VW recommended Oil
    • Full coolant changed with VW recommended Coolant
    • Sump off and new sump gaskets (sump was very clean and no debris)
    • New engine mounts all round – Rear 2 engine mounts were Genuine VW and front was a vibratechnics road spec
    • All parts were fitted with new original VW/AUDI bolts.
    Drivetrain and underside Chassis
    • Aftermarket Stainless Steel Straps were fitted to fuel tank with new retaining brackets
    • Any superficial chassis rust or nicks to underseal was removed, treated and sealed
    • Exhaust shields were removed and reinstated with new clips
    Rear axle
    • Refurbished, professionally powder coated matt black VR6 rear sub frame
    • New Eibach rear anti roll bar and bushes
    • New copper brake lines
    • New Rear brake bias valve - OEM quality
    • All new brake lines clips
    • New Braided hoses
    • NEW genuine rear trailing arm bushes
    • New stub axles
    • New brake disc shields
    • New Mk4 rear callipers
    • New rear bearings
    • New ABS sensors
    • New ABS rings
    • New Discs
    • New Pads
    • All parts fitted with new genuine VW/AUDI bolts/nuts/washers etc
    Front Axle
    • Refurbished, professionally powder coated matt black VR6 front Sub frame (the one with front engine mount, front rad support and main subframe
    • New genuine VW front wishbones (L&R) and new bushes etc
    • Refurbished knuckles/wheel bearing housing (L&R)
    • New front wheel hubs
    • New abs rotors
    • New drop links
    • New front wheel bearings
    • New front
    • New CV boots
    • Refurbished Brake disc shields (L&R)
    • New copper brake lines
    • New Braided Hoses
    • All new genuine bushes all round
    • Refurbished Mk3 callipers and calliper brackets – 288mm upgrade
    • New OEM 288mm Mk3 discs and pads
    • New OEM ABS sensors
    • New OEM Ball joints
    • New Steering rack brackets and bushes (very hard to find)
    • New Eibach anti roll bar and bushes
    • All parts fitted with new genuine VW/AUDI bolts/nuts/washers etc
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    1995 Storm (Green)

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    Forgot to say it also had a new oil cooler, spark plugs and HT leads fitted in 2018
    1995 Storm (Green)

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    Autotrader will be the best place to sell this car in my opinion, as Dox has mentioned in past posts everyone on here has all ready got a Rado.

    I just sold an R129 that was 7k over other cars with similar mileage but had done to it what you have done to your Rado, there are buyers out there that appreciate what you have put into a car is what its worth.

    Very well maintained / healthy car by the way, best of luck in the sale.
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    Good luck with the sale.. nice example.. try car and classic also.
    Corrado VR6 - Aqua Blue LC5U - 96 'N' Plate
    Black Leather - Heated Seats - Air Con
    Totally Standard and intend to keep it that way !

    Hibernation for Winter ! SORN

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    Worth every penny in my opinion. A well maintained car . Glws .

    92 VR6 . DBP. She will never be a show car ..... But will be up there with the best of em .

    The bmw seems invincible in isolation . But along side the corrado - a modern classic , we think- it has its work cut out . Autocar 1992.

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    Try Pistonheads/eBay as well. Must admit when I was looking I focused on those sites rather than here (seems silly in hindsight!)
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    It isn't only owners that come on here. I am not an owner but would like to be some day (once I sell my current classic car).

    Your advert reads really well Edd

    Many thanks

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    also replaced roof trims last year...

    The list is going to keep on growing as I remember stuff
    1995 Storm (Green)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich135 View Post
    It isn't only owners that come on here. I am not an owner but would like to be some day (once I sell my current classic car).

    Your advert reads really well Edd, but my advice would be to tone down/remove the first 6 paragraphs talking about justifying the price - that really puts off a potential buyer as they want think (or be able to imagine) they are getting a good deal/bargain, even if they aren't! They don't have that opportunity after reading your ad.

    Any pics of the interior and engine bay at all?

    Many thanks

    I’ve never seen a Corrado sell for that kind of money on this forum, always willing to be corrected if anyone has an example?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dox View Post
    I’ve never seen a Corrado sell for that kind of money on this forum, always willing to be corrected if anyone has an example?
    Not sure what it went for but this one was advertised at £8k and discussed an acquaintance who sold their Storm a few years ago for 10k, this was part of the info I used to set my pricing...

    Anyone would be hard pushed to find any Corrado with "lowish" miles, 2 owners, great condition and where the complete underside of the car has been replaced less than 50 miles ago (Let alone a Storm.)

    I'm going to leave it advertised here only for now, i'm in no rush and would really lik eit to go to someone who appreciates it for what it is and can be...
    1995 Storm (Green)

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