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Thread: Leather seats

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    Leather seats

    probably a long shot, but, anyone have any black leather seats . want to swap mine out and replace with leather seats

    cheers Matt

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    They do crop up every now and again. You're looking at around £750-850 for a full leather interior inc door cards.

    I too was looking for a leather interior and a couple have come up over the last year to give you an idea. I've decided against leather though as I don't have air-conditioning and used to own a car with leather without air-con and it was a sticky sweat fest in summer!

    Instead, and sharing for options yourself, I thought I'd get my cloth recovered with some plaid/tartan trim or something period correct in the centres and go leather on the side bolsters.

    Other alternatives can be to fit Audi TT fron seats (c £150) but some fabrication is needed. Or source some recaro's from another car (c £200-300) and trim and fabricate a base. Or source some real Corrado recaro's but they are £1500-2000 which is just plain redicilous given the value of the Corrado compared to other modern classics these other recoro's come out of.
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    wow thats alot more then expected, Yeah well i have another car with leather and have aircon. My corrado doesent so will take that on board as would be a pain when it gets got. Currently have cloth seats. was only doing it to increase the value of the car if possible but guess its probably not worth it ?

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    Yeah that was my thoughts originally as well - to increase the value of the car. But lots of people like cloth, however I must admit the VW 90s cloth interiors are not that nice!

    If you can stomach the cost and want it, it is worth it. If all else fail you'll be able to sell it on and get your money back. There is a cloth Recaro set on ebay for £1600. I was tempted but not at that price and it's not a priority for me.
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    If you manage to find leather seats, make sure you get the complete heated seat loom, 2 relays and switch which are also really hard to get hold of.
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