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Thread: Looks reasonable value. Possibly a Storm?

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    Looks reasonable value. Possibly a Storm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkR View Post
    The interior, body coded grill and alloys would lead you to believe it's a Storm unless parts were adopted form another Storm model. I think the storm badge is missing from the gear stick trim.

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    Could be a Storm-a-like? Easy to do with the green and beige cars as that combination was available anyway. Only way to find out is to check the VIN with VW.

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    That might appear with some red badges on, photographed against a white background for 3 times the price sometime soon...………...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fendervg View Post
    Could be a Storm-a-like? Easy to do with the green and beige cars as that combination was available anyway. Only way to find out is to check the VIN with VW.
    Very true, though VW just fob you off and tell you that their records only go back to 2000 when they were digitised.....

    95 - 96 year model, scared cat looking ride height, and yellow dipstick suggests its likely to be a Storm though. I had to get a Zertifikat from the Wolfberg Museum to confirm mine (or confirm not as was my case).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merfy View Post
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