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Thread: Powdercoat or 'Hammerite' finish??

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    Powdercoat or 'Hammerite' finish??

    Hello all,

    Been some time since I've been on or really given my Corrado, projectDG any real love 😔
    Anyway that time is over and I'm back to getting her sorted and cruising the roads again soon, fingers crossed.

    As title says, powdercoat or 'Hammerite'?? I'm stripping the running gear off atm and it's in need of refurb and I'm curious what folk lean towards with paint/protection finish of these parts.
    Is it purely cosmetic or is there any real benefits of one over the other??

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance, take it easy all 😎

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    Hammerite seems to chip easily, anyone used any of these?

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    Those parts get a lot of abuse being under the car, I've tried all sorts and basically nothing really sticks when it's being pelted with stones etc.

    Only thing I would say with powdercoating is that there is a big difference in quality; I got some parts done quite cheaply once [which I was pleased about at the time], but the parts were rusty again within a year. Second time round I paid [quite a bit] more and it lasted a lot longer, so as always it turns out you get what you pay for

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    Zinc coating prior to powder coating is a good idea. Plastic coating has better chip resistance, however it is more expensive.
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    Por 15 seems to last better than powder or plastic coating but a lot of prep and messing about. same as Jon, tried all sorts over the years. I’ve touched up with por 15 as well when the powder coating gets chipped and starts rusting with sissies. The thing with powder coating or its variations is that once it’s chipped and oxidation starts it spreads underneath and flakes the stuff off in no time if unchecked. My latest thing is a very good powder coater, again as Jon says some are better than others and any chips or issues rub down with 600 grit and hammerite smooth out of the rattle can.
    A lot of longevity issues are to do with prep and effort, there is no super fast fix, it’s trying to get a balance with time and cost and like spraying body panels you can get some idiots wanting top dollar for rubbish
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    I'm planning to refurb the front end on mine and contemplating vinyl wrapping to help protect against chipping...
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    Powder coating is not the best but is cost efficient, my Rado is a second car and I don't take it out in rain or snow, so I'm quite happy with powder coating.

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    I've got dinitrol everywhere undermine but it also chips off over time. Plan to touch it up with with same again or POR15 or whatever else I have lying about!
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    I've got epoxy mastic for mine. Only done the rear axle so far and it's not seen the road so can't comment on how well it'll last, but the reviews I'd read were good and they do a lot of off road vehicles with it. It's the EM121 stuff
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    Ok thanks all for your comments so far.
    I like the idea of Zinc Coating. Tempted to do that then Hammerite spray hmmmmm 🤔

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