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Thread: Newbie from wales

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    Bangor buddy and you ?

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    Thanks Shaun. Mine did have a sunroof issue when I bought it. Turned out the motor would only work one way so swapped for the motor and touch wood it's been ok since

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    Easy fix’s are a relief only a Corrado owner truly appreciates. Enjoy it Marc, is it your first one? Get some pics up, go into advanced on the full site and upload pics but have to be less than 1Mb
    4th one surely the last

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    All my pics are over 1mb. I can inbox to anyone if its easier

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    Old colwyn, if you ever need any help just shout me pal.
    Quote Originally Posted by Marcvanweert View Post
    Bangor buddy and you ?
    94 Classic Green VR6, 312mm front brakes, jetex exhaust, electric recaros, BMC, Volt/oil gauges, full strip down and powder coat, full windows out respray.

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    You might regret saying that

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