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    Just after a some advice/guidance...

    The sunroof on my car has recently decided to open a little distance at a time...its like it stutters...and moves a little more when I press the button again. I am assuming this is the motor?

    If it is the motor, is it worth buying a new one or putting a Mk3 one in? They seem significantly cheaper than a new Corrado one...

    Finally, how easy is it to change the motor?

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    probably needs to be cleaned and relubricated. Best best it to remove it and grease each part including cables externally. Is till need to do mine! By the way, there is an arm on each side which allow the sunroof to drop and slide back - this has rubber feet on the end which can cause it to drop too low resulting in a broken cable. I have closed this gap with strips of cable ties - have a look in my build thread for some pics.
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    The motor is very easy to change, the Mk3 golf motor is cheap and easy to source so worth a try before you strip out the mechanism
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    If you remove the cover. I’m pretty sure you can test the mechanism manually with an Allen key or something along those lines. If you test it manually and it is smooth etc then motor is a good call
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