I'm hoping this is the proper place to post something like this. But, me and my friend have been trying to get his vr6 corrado running again. We've run into a strange no crank/no start issue and we've pretty much almost exhausted everything we can replace, as far as we know, to fix it. It all started when we were trying to track down the smoking issue that was happening in the dash while the car was running. We took the dash apart, inspected every wire behind the instrument cluster, and found nothing melted or any burning. We thought maybe the issue was a faulty ignition starter switch and replaced that, but still had the burning issue, and we noticed the no crank issue at that time.Turned out, it was an auxiliary switch he had installed in the car for his fuel pump that should have had a fuse on it that caused the smoke. So we installed the fuse and the burning went away, but still no crank. We then replaced the starter, which was showing signs of going out beforehand anyway. That still didnt fix the no crank issue. So far, we've tried 2 brand new ignition starter switches and 2 new starters, just to eliminate the possibility that the new ones might be a dud, and we're still not getting any crank. The starter will click 1 time when we first try to start it after coming back to it after a while. But that's it. Nothing else happens after that. He bought a brand new battery for it just a couple of months ago and we've tried jump starting the car to see if it would help change anything power-wise and it didnt change anything. We're both scratching our heads wondering what it could be. If anyone can help shed some light, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my long post!