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Thread: Newbie: G60 wont start and strong smell of fuel.

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    Newbie: G60 wont start and strong smell of fuel.

    Hi All

    Could somebody please help with the following.
    I have recently bought a G60 which was running and drove ok.
    It looks like it has a smaller pulley on it and been chipped.
    over the last few months the car has been sat idle whilst i carried out running repairs.

    Today, when i went to start the car, nothing. The car turns over but does not fire. i have removed the plugs to see them fouled up with fuel.
    I clean them, refit them and try again but the same happens.
    For what ever reason the car is over fuelling and not starting.
    is there any checks i can carry out please?
    I have read the air flow sensor needs to be set at 500ohms. Is this with the engine off or running on idle?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    hello and welcome to g60 ownership

    with these cars its a learning curve in ownership as i am learning myself but do not be put off as these are cracking cars once sorted

    my own overfuelled when i got it but this was due to broken cabling to the lamda probe but it never stopped the car from starting it just consumed fuel at an alarmimg rate

    check the fuel pressure regulator (mounted on the fuel rail)
    Is the fuel pump running when the engine is turned off?
    Faulty injectors staying open?

    There are other people on here with a vast experience of this engine who will give you a lot better advice

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    Hi Ger040

    thank you for your post.
    I have read that the bottom pulley bolt could snap so i am going to check my timing marks.
    the car is sparking but maybe at the wrong time so best to double check that.
    I will keep you informed.


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    Yeah, check your timing marks, but it's unlikely that the bottom pulley has spun on the crank. Check your distributor mark (pop the cap off and check the notch is roughly in line with the rotor arm when engine is at TDC) and also that the HT leads are on in the right order 1-3-4-2 (with #1 being closest to cam pulley).

    Could be over fueling of course, the wiring on the fuel rail on the G60s is notorious for breaking up in the heat, so this is worth checking.

    You can also swap out the fuel pump and ECU relays (#167 or 80 or something for fuel, can't remember exactly as there's a few different numbers, and #30 or 32 iirc for the ecu) as these can cause strange problems if they play up.

    Also clean all your earths on gearbox etc, check wiring to temp sensors

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    Hi Simeon
    Thank you for the help, I will look at that today and come back to you.


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    Hi All.

    A quick update.
    I have checked all my earths, cleaned them and refitted them.
    I have checked the timing and the timing marks and dizzy line up with TDC on number one cylinder.
    I have checked for spark which is ok.

    I had left my spark plugs out of the engine over night to let the cylinders and plugs dry out. When i tried to start the car this morning the car coughed as if to start but then didnt. I removed my plugs to see them covered in fuel.
    I am certain that the car is over fuelling on start up but how?
    The fuel pump primes and then stops as normal. The only changes to the engine i have made is
    A- fit a new lambda sensor and repair the plug wiring.
    B- fit a front mounted inter cooler
    C- Move the earths earths off the battery post to the chassis mounted post behind the battery.

    Is the fuel controlled by the ECU?
    What checks can i do to ensure the ECU isnt dead due to the battery being off fo so long?

    Again Thank you for the help

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    hello andy

    Has the car just been giving trouble since your minor modifications were carried out?

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    Hi Ger040

    Yes, the car started fine before my changes. I have ordered the blue and black sensors just incase they are faulty as the water system was left empty for weeks.
    I am going to go through everything again this weekend (just incase) and will report back then, Fingers Crossed!


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    andy go over everything you have done - cars this age things are brittle!!

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    Hi Everyone.

    Quick update this morning. My new blue and black sensors arrived this morning. I quickly swapped them over and boom, the car fired up.
    Can i thank Ger040 and Simeon for your help.
    I will soon be posting up some pic's of the car and the mods I have carried out.


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