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Thread: looking for a radiator

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    How different are these to a 9A (16v) engine radiator?

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    The vr6 radiator is bigger and the slam panel is different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Corroda View Post
    Thanks for all your help guys. Iíve now got a new radiator 👍
    Which radiator did you go for and does it fit? Thanks

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    Itís an Arlows alloy radiator that I bought off the forum. It looks good quality, but I have not got round to stripping down the front end of the car yet. I think a few people on here have fitted this radiator and may be able to provide feedback on how well it fits.

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    Iím also having problems finding a radiator for my vr6; Iím having problems sealing the radiator top flange. Found an ally one from a company called Worley on eBay, anyone had any experience with them ? Cheers

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    The Worley ones on ebay seem to be the GPI Racing ones mentioned earlier in this thread (the detailed description mentions GPI Racing so I guess Worley are just distributors). Ultimately these are Chinese produced radiators so difficult to advise on quality but people on here seem to have had relatively good experience with them and the guys at Stealth also said they thought they were fairly good too. It's worth nothing they are missing the top bracket lugs so will need some modification to mount properly to the slam. They'll unlikely last as long as the original radiators but I also expect they are better than a lot of the mechanically jointed aftermarket options out there through the likes of Euro Car parts. Just a shame we can't get the Marston or Hella ones anymore.

    Without many other options out there these days, these all aluminium ones are probably the best option we have apart from having a bespoke radiator made by a racing manufacturer. And for that you'd be looking at serious money.

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    Thank you for the replies. I'll probably go with a Worley, it'll outlast me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corroda View Post
    Thanks guys. I’m swayed towards the alloy radiator. I have both the one slat, and three slat grilles, so hopefully I can get a combination that suits the frozen north ��

    Jon, I’ve sent you a PM.
    Just an update I found out that the late 1 opening grill rather then the three was to do with emissions to let the engine warm up quicker.

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    Luckily I still have my late grill aswell as a new open 3 slat one

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    Has anyone tried the AKS Dasis radiator? I've seen a few of them for sale and they seem to be the only current option as a direct replacement. I'd go for an alloy rad but am concerned that if it's any thicker than standard or doesn't have the same auxiliary fittings then I'm going to have trouble mounting the a/c condenser as I'm already fairly short of space.
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