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Thread: R32 engine upgrade

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    R32 engine upgrade

    Hi, would you be able to recommend someone to supply and install R32 engine in Corrado please. Ideally near Essex. Thank you.

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    I’m looking for the same but have heard of some mental prices....£12,000 plus vat !!!!!!

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    Stealth aren't a million miles from you and know the conversion back to front, inside out. Speaking from someone who has done it, consider doing it yourself. You are looking at about 8k drive in drive out, I havent paid anywhere near that.

    Personally I'd advise vrt over r32 though, I'm considering taking mine out to go back to vr6 and strap a turbo on it

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    What is the going rate for a stock engine VR6 rebuild these days, say if you was going up to enlarge the old bores 2.9 to 3.0 liters, head refreshed etc.

    Jared any ideas or anyone else /.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keyo View Post
    What is the going rate for a stock engine VR6 rebuild these days, say if you was going up to enlarge the old bores 2.9 to 3.0 liters, head refreshed etc.

    Jared any ideas or anyone else /.

    Kinda what I did with mine - but have filled it with goodies at the same time.

    Block was cleaned, decked, bored to a true 2.9 (closer to 3.0 from memory?) high compression Wiseco pistons, new everything, bearings, guides, chain set, MLS head gasket,
    Head was ported and polished by "the man in the shed" at the same time the Skrick VGI was match to the inlet and head again by Dave, Shimmel 263 cams, the cast exhaust manifolds were also ported and polished and the downpipe tig welded and polished smooth and the throttle body bored.

    But its still sat at my mates place in Silverstone waiting for me to put it back in the car... probably no change from £3.5K - a lot more than that on the rest of the car too, recon gearbox, everything powder coated and plated,new everything! - I could be tempted on an offer - I'll even throw in a two owner rust free car! LOL!

    The site wont allow me to upload any images at all for some reason..

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    £12K for an R32 conversion

    I agree with Swiftkid. Having also done an R32 conversion and also owned MK4 and MK5 R32s, it's quite an underwhelming engine. VR6 turbo for sure, or maybe a TFSI conversion to shift some weight off the nose. The CDL engine from the 8P S3 is the weapon of choice. More torque everywhere than an R32 and 350-380hp capable with bolt ons and a map. 440hp with a TTE420 hybrid turbo. I would even go as far as retrofitting the DSG gearbox also to bring the Rado more up-to-date mechanically. That can all be done for way less than £12K!! Some garages just pluck stupid figures out of the air.

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