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Thread: Moonlight Blue VR6

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    CF Nutter ChrisL's Avatar
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    16th June 2005

    Moonlight Blue VR6

    Well it had to happen! Over the past 12 months we have been rebuilding our new house with a view to moving in by Christmas this year.
    Although it looks like this is going to happen, the garage isnít going to be ready so the mk1 has to go.

    This has now made way for a new toy.... a 1995 Moonlight Blue VR6.
    Iíve bought it as a useable project so as soon as I can upload pictures iíll Post some up.

    Itís great being back in a Corrado.

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    13th July 2006
    Ha ha, why am I not surprised. Great news mate, no doubt it’ll be immaculate in no time
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    25th August 2004
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    shame about mk1 mate
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    too many

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    19th March 2009
    How is it??

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    CF Nutter ChrisL's Avatar
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    16th June 2005
    Yeah shame about the mk1 but the Corrado is great.

    It’s great thanks Ian, cheers for viewing it for me.

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    ⋆⋆ CF Donator ⋆⋆ robrado974's Avatar
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    22nd September 2009
    paignton devon
    Good news on the new purchase Chris . That must have been a bummer to make the decision to let MK1 go . I haven’t had one myself but I know people that have one or have had one , great cars . Good luck with the new purchase.

    92 VR6 . DBP. She will never be a show car ..... But will be up there with the best of em .

    The bmw seems invincible in isolation . But along side the corrado - a modern classic , we think- it has its work cut out . Autocar 1992.

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    4th October 2006
    Welcome back to Corrados, it was always going to happen at some stage!
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    CF Nutter James.'s Avatar
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    7th August 2007
    West Lancashire
    And so another returns to the fold !

    Welcome back Chris.

    Plans ? Pictures ? (You know we like pictures).
    James likes Corrados. Although he wishes the feeling was reciprocated occasionally.

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    CF Nutter ChrisL's Avatar
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    16th June 2005
    Always going to happen.
    Plans at the moment are to give it a good clean as it’s been hidden away for the past 9 years.
    It need a few parts so just work through it.

    I’d post pics if I could work out how to.....

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    1st July 2008
    Welcome back to Rado ownership Chris
    Good choice of colour
    Be good to see some pics and hear of your plans
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