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Thread: car failed its mot on brakes

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    Yes, I have Mk4 rear callipers with Corrado 1613mm OE length handbrake cable on mine for years. I think the advantage is that the later callipers don't seize and corrode as much and the handbrake mechanism is less liable to sticking, which was common problem on many '80s VWs.

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    Another vote for MK4 callipers. I bought my cables from VW Heritage.

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    I just had this problem on my G60 when I replaced the cable as a ‘nice to do item’ when I did the rear callipers. One of the cables was too long (and my mounting was torn as well).
    I got round the problem by using spacers (as I didn’t have much time left before my retest). I can confirm though that if you’re only just getting the rear wheels to bind towards the top of the reach, it will fail. My helpful MOT centre confirmed this....
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    Well this evening i removed the calipers adjusted the pistons just enough to pass over
    the pads refitted the handbrake cables and no difference at all

    The hand brake tunnel is perfect (where the tubes meet the welded upstand)
    i cant see where the tubes pass through the floor with the rubber bungs due to the carpet
    but i cant see this having any affect anyway as its not under stress

    i will just see what happens on saturday
    i will get everything back together tomorrow evening

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    Best of luck with this Geri good on you for your patience .

    I was wondering chap do you have a ECU rain scuttle trim for a mk2 golf chap in good nick for sale ? Also after a passenger side speaker parcel shelf fully intact in black .

    Anything you need for your Rado ?

    Cheers .

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    There pathetic rear brakes on all old VW's will barely meet MOT requirements at the best of times, so don't worry if you can essentially just drive the car along without noticing the handbrake being on. You will however be aware that the handbrake is on if the wheels are off the floor and you should not be able to turn them by hand. This will be after pulling the hand brake up hard, obvs, I wouldn't expect a single click to do diddly squat.
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    well it passed errr just

    after several attempts on the rollers it showed an imbalance of 34%
    inspector said it should be 30% max

    he noticed it had new discs, calipers and pads and with a wink and a nod
    he said there not bedded in yet! - decent mot inspector !!

    After a quick chat he believed there may still be air stuck in the brake line
    He loves hot hatches of the pug type

    i will give the bleeding another go sometime shortly

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