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Thread: Bye bye edition 38 forum

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    25th April 2007
    I still check in every now and then, even though I sold up a few years back. I'll always be a massive Corrado fan so it's nice to check out the latest build threads and whatnot, although it has slowed down a bit as of late. Maybe I should update mine there'll be zero Corrado content though.

    As for ED38... I rarely ever posted there, but I did buy a lot of decent parts over the years, so it's a shame it has gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t700bes View Post
    Wow, we are one of the last still running.

    I have no plans to shut it down, but do need to find a way to keep it running well.
    Good to hear, buddy.

    Let's talk offline if there's anything I can do to help.
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    I'm still on here most days but like everyone else iv slowed down a bit as most of my time gets taken up by our house!! Always a job to be on with

    Saying that I do still tinker about with the corrado and do have updates I could put in my build thread but the lack of an easy way to upload pics makes it a bit of a pointless task in a way, I always liked to describe what I was up to and then post the progress pics for people to read and see
    I think I stopped when tapa talk give up and I had to mess around resizing photos

    It is a great place like it just needs more people to keep it busy

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    Been Corrado-less for a few years now but I look in here every day as part of my morning coffee routine. (Staying away from the classifieds though, too much temptation.) This is a great forum with wonderful members whose assistance to me was invaluable, particularly on a couple of occasions when I was ready to break the car. Even on non Corrado problems including the infamous ant infestation. Long may it continue.
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    Oh good this forum is back up and running. I haven't been back since the recent issues (although did try during the time!). Shame about edition38.

    Tapatalk would get this forum a wider audience... It's the only one I look at that I can't see via tapatalk. I find tapatalk brings everything together and it's easier to post and see traffic across all forums.

    Oh one other thing I haven't been able to find out - what happened to all of the photos on the old threads? Makes how to's and historial browsing of old readers rides disappointing
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    A lot of very useful information deleted just like that, sad times

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    This is one of the best forums left running. I agree with the above post, tapatalk would work well.

    I use this as a wealth of Corrado information.

    Edition 38 is a huge loss. I hope the owners managed to save all the info.

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    Shame the info and threads couldn't of been merged here as a sub-forum even if they were made read-only - they did a similar thing when XBMC for the Original Xbox was discontinued and became Kodi.

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