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Thread: Forum Future

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    28th December 2009

    Exclamation Forum Future

    Hey all,

    So as we know the Forum has been neglected, its old but it has such great content and it would be such a shame for it to all go. The honest reason for the neglect is two fold, its costs money and time to keep something as big as this going, and over the years neither have been really available.

    Thankfully, I run a web hosting company and can swallow the costs of hosting. However, this can't continue forever, and the fact remains the forum runs on very old insecure software that needs time to upgrade. I owe it to you all to protect your data and not leave it insecure.

    On top of all this, there is so much material that I've seen on the servers that is not available... The wiki for example, with various how-to's

    With this in mind, I'm looking to make the forum a paid members only forum.

    I don't want this forum to end like Edition38 did. This is the only way that I can see it remaining, advertising and other means are no longer what they used to.

    The good news is:

    As a paying member, you have more of a say over:

    • Can we get Tapatalk working
    • Why doesn't X work

    My ideas:

    • MOT / TAX Reminder Service
    • Full Proper shop for 'Merchants' so they can sell things through the new platform
    • Bring back the Wiki howto information in a readable format
    • Active Corrado Register showing how many are left

    These are just a few ideas, but I'm really open to what people think.
    Please help the forum stay alive!
    Want to help monthly? Why not

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    CF Nutter ChrisL's Avatar
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    16th June 2005
    Sounds great, I’d be happy to pay for the service.

    I know it’s been done to death but is there no way of merging this with the corrado club gb? By paying to access the forum (even if it costs more) you automatically get membership to the club? Both benefit.
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    i would be happy to do that also - need to be able to upload photos easily for us non tech geeks

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    9th February 2013
    Hi Toby,

    likewise it would be a crying shame to see this great forum disappear, as it's a fantastic community with priceless info that you just can't get anywhere else.

    Regarding payment only membership that's probably not a bad thing, as it may stop the SPAM one hit wonders, but then on the other hand anyone that's joined this forum years ago, may only reply or post every once in awhile, and might feel they're not getting their money's worth.
    It's swings and roundabouts but for me I honestly don't mind continuing paying for membership if it helps keep this great forum alive.

    It would be good if poss to get the photo issues rectified please, as hardly any of us can attach any at the moment.
    And the Wiki howto is a great asset to this forum, which ideally we all need back up and running on full cylinders so to speak please.

    Had MK2 1.8 Scirocco Scarla 1998 to 2002
    had it lowered on original wheels,
    K&N air fitler and Janspeed exhaust system.

    Now have 94 M reg Corrado 2.0 16v since 2002 still got it, been off the road now since early 2015
    hoping to get it finished this year.

    Also have a 2015 Seat Ibiza TSI i-tech as my daily driver. Plus I'm on The SEAT Forum.

    Link to 16v torque settings & ECU pin locations.

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    24th December 2008
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    Plenty of discussion here regarding CCGB using this forum for business.....

    A closed forum would be a bad thing going forward, no one is going to stump up for something before they've seen the goods first?

    You can get free apps that remind you of impending MOT, servicing, insurance and RFL etc

    Would I pay to support the forum, yes

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    13th July 2006
    I’m not sure making it exclusive to paid members is the way forward, that’s more likely to drive the occasional users to Facebook etc, I’m happy to pay, in fact, I’m sure I already do but I’d like to see it remain accessible to all. Obviously I have zero idea of what it entails to run the forum, just my opinion
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    22nd September 2009
    paignton devon
    I’m happy to pay .Ive always donated anyway. This forum has to stay alive .

    92 VR6 . DBP. She will never be a show car ..... But will be up there with the best of em .

    The bmw seems invincible in isolation . But along side the corrado - a modern classic , we think- it has its work cut out . Autocar 1992.

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    4th October 2006
    I’ll sign up for that, would be a crying shame to lose the forum after so long.
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    CF Nutter
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    25th April 2007
    Why not a Corrado forum annual meet, with entry admission? I don't actually know the costs associated with running a forum for a year so disregard if my suggestion is stupid.

    I'm not sure if a paid only forum is a good idea

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    14th February 2010
    I'd pay for it

    A cost per month or year would be a good place to start

    The way I see it, this forum and its knowledge have saved me using mechanics countless times over the years, all the help must have saved me loads of money by not having to pay mechanics! And the advice on here is why iv saved that cash so I'd be willing to give a bit back to keep it alive
    I'd like to see tapa talk come back for the simple fact that it makes it easy to post pictures, something I mentioned in another comment a few days back

    The return of many of my photos from my build thread would be great aswell if they still exist as that's one of the reasons I stopped updating it
    There's no point in adding more content to it if the start of it is being slowly deleted

    This is a great forum and always has been and I'd like it to stay
    You pay a subscription to everything else's in life so why not this if its that important

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