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Thread: Forum Future

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    2nd February 2018
    Hi Toby,

    Cheers for keeping us in the loop and for the support to date. I hadnít realised youíre absorbing costs for us.

    Iím not sure making the forum paid only is the best approach and might do the opposite and drive newbies away. At the moment although Iíd normally be happy to pay Iím a newer member and was a tad disappointed all the old build and how to guides have lost their photos, my own build thread has lost everything and there are probably less than 15 people contributing. At the moment that makes paying for use of the forum difficult to justify but I can see you need money and appreciate you opening up to us on plans for the forum and would pay for that reason.

    I donít understand why the CCGB club donít want to join forces as their website and forum needs desperate attention and we are all in the same community. This website has a far superior design and stronger footfall (albeit declining) and the CCGB has strengths in offering more as a club. Together they seem to offer strengths on both sides of the coin. The CCGB want to improve their website and forum and to me it seems short sighted of CCGB to not consider using Tobyís expertise, this forumís superior look and feel and google analytics ratings.

    Iím not sure MOT reminders and things will help. However like the idea of broadening the appeal of the forum to have sections for other cars. Look at Pistonheads Ė it started as a forum for TVRís!

    Iíd happily moderate and can help with financial planning (Iím a trained accountant as well as financial systems specialist).

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    As I see it CCGB were formed first- pre internet, they’re proud and protective of their club to the point it’s more important than the Corrado itself. Since I’ve been here there’s not been too much harmony between the two, but members of both happily co- existed all the same. There’s been the odd flare up, so I doubt there will ever be any kind of marriage even though many are members of both.

    I doubt both can survive so it’s dog eat dog lol

    If this place does fold there’s plenty of VW forums around without resorting to fb
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    i have donated before & am willing to do so again

    this forum & the great people we have on here are too valuable to loose
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    Happy to support the forum in anyway necessary, and be more involved as well as donate.

    This is such an important resource for the Corrado
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    I'm happy to chip in if it's what's needed not to lose this great forum!

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    4th April 2015
    Toby, what are your thoughts on all our different comments. A lot to take in, but would be good to hear your thoughts now.
    All I can do is hope we stay alive
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    To gain an influence over Corrado owners you need obsolete parts . Can you not get a list together of 20 parts that can realistically get manufactured, you have to have a live membership to obtain them and have a shop on the forum for members only. This would take a lot of work but would kill two birds with one stone .Just trying to think out of the box. More revenue , more members and parts available that make ownership a little more bearable . There is no way I’m going to join Facebook with posts , look at my cup with a Corrado on it my neighbour gave it me , yawn yawn.

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    The problem with obsolete parts getting reproduced is the initial cost in tooling up - only the smaller stuff that can be 3D printed is relatively cost-effective. With maybe 1500-2000 cars left on the roads in the UK (here in Ireland only 15 Corrados passed the NCT last year, maybe 100 or so here in total), the market is very small and it would be tough enough to get pre-orders for even 250 units. Anyone on here who has organised a group buy or had something re-manufactured can tell you what a hard slog it is.

    This is really the preserve of a club like CCGB that can maximise buying power and leverage influence, maybe with other clubs around the world and deal directly with the likes of VW Classic Parts, and not a user forum. I'm not sure what CCGB have done in the past in this respect, but it is how most other classic car clubs approach this issue.

    At a minimum we would need things like bonnets, wings, slam panels, bumpers and all lights available to repair crash damage, and then everything required for a respray trim wise and also safety critical stuff like the clutch and brake masters.

    So I think the parts problem should be addressed separately to the issue of preserving the forum and it's future.

    I'm definitely willing to pay for membership, and more than happy to lend a hand as an extra moderator or IT specialist if needed.

    93 Corrado VR6
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    Quote Originally Posted by fendervg View Post

    So I think the parts problem should be addressed separately to the issue of preserving the forum and it's future.

    I agree, maybe if the forum thrives members and current remanufacturers will commit to more products going forward.

    I see the forum as the foundations to which we can build upon.
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    16th December 2018
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    By using the parts you could ensure membership fees by luring members who are desperate , you could snag users worldwide and also from different vag brands as they share some of the obsolete parts, otherwise people can just post on FB "anyone know how to do this or get this from". You approach a manufacturer agreement only sell to us.Market it as in house obsolete parts only open to paid members.

    I'm afraid I expect this forum will not be here this time next year if something dynamic is not done, just like the Mustang forum UK I use to be on, people just use facebook now and the forum closed down earlier this year.

    For now one step at a time get the pictures sorted on here as a priority.
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