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Thread: Forum Future

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    24th December 2008
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    Imo, members only should be:-

    The wiki

    For sale and wanted, eBay links, traders offers etc

    Owners build threads - as they are a wiki themselves?

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    24th December 2008
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    I have no issues paying and really value the forum. I'm keen to see the outcome, good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by t700bes View Post
    Thanks for all your comments, I will review them and try to answer some questions when I can.

    I like the idea or read-only (better than lock everyone out)
    For Sale (I have a bit of a plan of that)

    First things first though I need to get this forum updated to a more modern version.

    Thanks for your comments. I'll put together the plan and get back to you all.
    Much appreciated

    Had MK2 1.8 Scirocco Scarla 1998 to 2002
    had it lowered on original wheels,
    K&N air fitler and Janspeed exhaust system.

    Now have 94 M reg Corrado 2.0 16v since 2002 still got it, been off the road now since early 2015
    hoping to get it finished this year.

    Also have a 2015 Seat Ibiza TSI i-tech as my daily driver. Plus I'm on The SEAT Forum.

    Link to 16v torque settings & ECU pin locations.

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    I agree with what has been said, I would be more than happy to pay for membership to help keep the forum going.

    This is a huge source of invaluable Corrado information from enthusiasts.

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    I agree with some of the other comments....

    Everyone should be able to read only on the forum, however, if you want to post, look at the for sale or breaking section, or view the wiki then you should be a paying member.

    I've owned Corrados for 15 years now and this forum has been the first place I come to whenever I have had an issue or I need some information. I couldn't be without it!!!

    However, that being said..... I do miss the original wiki with all the detailed how to guides.

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    If someone can get me the wiki content I can get it back online in the next week or so

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    Just wondering if there is any update on the next steps? More than happy to keep donating and could probably help with some technical and moderator duties if required. I'm with the majority on this that it is a priceless source of information that needs preserving however, basic functionality needs resolving and ultimately has to work financially... I'm very grateful for all the efforts of Admins, Mods and members, past and present... today I'm taking my dash out and the forum was my first stop.

    It's a shame CCGB and this forum couldn't work together, I'm paid up on both but the CCGB forum will never be as useful or active as this one... that ship sailed a long time ago IMO.. Knowledge here is best, CCGB on the other hand has the community edge.

    It would be useful to know the costs involved for the forum so we know what we are up against:

    Annual hosting/support/maintenance
    Any Licencing?
    Upgrading platform to a current version
    Getting Wiki working
    Resolving Image issues

    We can then address how we can help the Admin raise it... donations, paid areas, any sponsorship possibilities or pay per view model at the extreme (view 3 threads a month then require micro payments - a few local papers do this now - 5p an article, never pay 25p a month type thing) Would be great to be as open as possible but most similar sites have found closing classifieds to paid only is a good start. It's a delicate balancing act to not drive away visitors to an extent where paid users dwindle.

    If you are thinking about more than just forum, perhaps it's something that can be white labeled (for other Marques) to grow the platform and share costs that way - I appreciate the challenge in that would not be insignificant!

    Corrado's owners are a small and shrinking community, but it is an enthusiastic one... who feast on brave pills and surprise bills :-) . I dearly hope this forum can stay around a very long time!

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    Agree the forum needs to keep going, happy to support, however I think the first thing that needs addressing is the Wiki as this is basically what stands out against all the willy waving on facebook/instagram - on here you can get genuine assistance in fault finding / repairs etc etc [basically the best aspect of all the forums of the past] whereas this has been lost on social media platforms.

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    I did ask over on the Scirocco forum as it seem close to dead in there if they were interested in joining forces before more forums and their information is lost... but they didn't seem overly interested.

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    Is it worth publishing the wiki in to a book for future protection .

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