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Thread: Forum Future

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keyo View Post
    Is it worth publishing the wiki in to a book for future protection .
    So old SKOOL but an absolute brilliant suggestion. I would have one to keep with the Bentley Manual
    C'mon Toby, let us all know what you are thinking
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    Great idea, is it possible to be done as an eBook, published on Kindle? Then can forum can get some money and updates can be made periodically?

    For those wanting wiki pages, I have managed to access some of them using the way back machine:

    The home page has no menu on the wiki, but if you click sitemap on here:
    Then can select sub pages on outer of the blue wheel...

    If you find any links in the forum to old wiki pages you can just put them straight into way back machine and with a bit of luck they'll load.

    If resurrection of old Wiki isn't practical, I'd happily look at an alternative solution we can contribute to? And port over any content we can find.

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    You can search for pages from the wiki using Google:
    " wiki <search term>" in the search field should return some results.

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    Does anyone have any contact details for Toby t700bes ? I messaged about helping with Admin work and get the forum fixed - noticed he hasn't been active since August, so I emailed his work account, it bounced.
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    To be fair he replied a month ago to me when I mentioned a spam issue. Hopefully he will reply to us all with this thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogma View Post
    What are the costs and what do you really need in the way of cash to keep this alive???
    This. What are the actual costs of running a forum?

    The way I understand them, is phpBB or WordPress with phpBB plug in are basically free. Just have a yearly/monthly cost for the domain. Where things get complicated, especially these days, is bandwidth costs......image hosting in other words. Can that not be circumvented by people [IMG]...[/IMG]'ing the pictures from their own image hosting accounts?

    I can't imagine the costs are so vast that they can't be split out across 4 or 5 very active members who have the time to put into it?

    The trouble with paid memberships is it's very off putting, especially for newbies when Facebook is free. People don't really want to pay £10/month (or what ever) only to get a forum that's quiet as a morgue in return, which let's face it, it pretty much is these days, no offence! Forums are as much about building relationships as they are a common interest and information resource. This place used to be THE place to go for friday night bants and giggles....but I guess people move on and life gets in the way!
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    I suppose in a way your right Kev.
    Anyone that’s been here for 10 years or more knows the value of the forum, newbie’s will not .
    I’m 50 (just ) lol , I still have FB , but there’s a fair few on here that don’t and will never have a FB account, some of these are very knowledgeable, so it would be a shame to loose them. I suppose we all are in a way though , you don’t own a Corrado for 11 years or more without gaining knowledge and can help people out . FB is good for quick answers but there’s no way of looking back for answers like the wiki we have on here . Yes things are quiet these days . I really hope the forum gets back on track and the photo situation gets sorted .

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    The photo problem is actually driving people to FB ( no pun intended )
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    Well I've overcome my inner rage (kidding, sort of) about the lack of photos and become a contributor. Bigger picture and all that.

    I use facebook, it's great, but it's not a forum. We need a forum. What can i do/pay to help? Robin really helped me out on facebook yesterday with my leak situ etc. but the forum is a much better place to do this sort of stuff. At least it will be there for others to see in the future.
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