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Thread: Door card window trims - 95 VR6 - driver and passenger

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    Door card window trims - 95 VR6 - driver and passenger

    So I'm having trouble getting hold of these trims. Twice I've been sent the inner scraper trims (on to which the trims I want locate) in error. Can anyone help please?

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    It might help to have a picture/link or a part number.

    Is this the inner window trim that sits on top of the door card? These come apart in two pieces, the lower part that the door card lip clips into and the upper rail, but they were only ever sold as one piece, even though it is possible to disassemble them.

    I think you are looking at part 33 here:

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    I had both mine cracked on the top, I think it's when people try and remove the door card that dont know what they are doing and snap them. I can confirm I got hold of a set but took me ages to source a new pair, these are going to be a right bugger in the future to get hold of and make your interior look a bit scruffy, I do believe vintage rubber sell them In the USA but hard to imagine they are any good. Also very expensive.

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    Hi i run dubstock which can be found on Facebook and online we have these parts instock. Inbox me :-)

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