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Thread: Corrado as a Daily

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    Ha Ha - that made me smile. I think we've all been through something similar, I know I have: 3 kids ages 3 to 8, rain, rush hour traffic on a 3 lane orbital motorway, the sweet smell coolant seeping gently out of the heater matrix and some form of dodgy hot start issue where the car might suddenly cut out and then not start again for 30 minutes.

    Ah, Corrados - don't you just love them. You'd forgive nearly anything when the VR is on song over 4500 RPM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony_ack View Post
    I used to use my Corrado as a daily, and last week got it on the road again. We have a 16 plate Touraeg as our main car which my wife uses.

    If you want a picture of a Corrado as a daily (this is probably worse than normal due to the ususal 'coming out of hibernation' niggles, but to be honest, you need to expect anything)...

    Last Sunday my wife was out, and I had the kids. I wanted to take them to soft play, but had to head to Halfords (yes, it was an emergency) as the front number plate had fallen off, and I needed a new one.

    I finally got the three kids, including the screaming baby, into the car, sat down, went to start it. Enging turned over, but would not start. No smell of fuel. I'd had the fusebox out to try and diagnose a fan problem - maybe I'd disturbed the after-market immobiliser fuel cut-off? I fiddled behind the fusebox, made sure the relays were home, basically just tried to shake the wires, praying I'd push a losse connection back into place. Nothing. Battery was weakening due to it not being used much, and the fan running on for the full 10 minutes every time I turned the engine off. I had no other car to jump it off. The kids were getting fed up. The baby started screaming louder...

    I had a quick look on Google to see what else it could be. Aha!! the crank sensor! I'd disturbed the wiring when trying to work out the fan issue, and it had a loose connection before I took it off the road. Up went the bonnet. I gave the wire and connection a wiggle. Went to start it... hurrah! It came to life.

    I had to stop off at the petrol station - two of the tyres were low due to corrosion on the alloys. Pumped them up, visited the drive thru with the kids. The radiator fan is stuck on stage 2 with the ignition on, so I queued in the traffic with the fan whirring away for everyone to hear. They told me to pull up to wait for the food and turn the engine off... I sat there with the fan running on, draining what little power was left in the battery. Would it start again?

    Luckily it did. Baby was asleep now, and we headed to Halfords. The car park was full, and the spaces were tiny. The Corrado is quite a small car, but it does have big doors which can be problematic when trying to get big things (say... kids) out of the back seats. We managed to get a decent space with just enough room to get the baby seat out of the back. We went into the store, got the number plates, fixing tape and panel wipes, and we all headed back to the car.

    I got back, and someone had parked a Range Rover quite close to me on the driver's side - not horrendously close, but close enough so I couldn't get the baby seat in. So I had to get the other kids out of the car again, and put the baby seat in through the passenger side, with my legs dangling out of the door. I then went to put the number plate on - the rain was starting and I had just managed to stick it on when the heavens opened.

    Luckily the adhesive held. We drove off to soft play. I stuck the wipers on and they moved really slowly across the window (it has TT wipers and blades). I put them on the highest speed and they were still slower than the normal standard speed and just about cleared the rain. And then the car steamed up with us all inside. I put the fan on the highest setting, which just about cleared a space in the windscreen for me to see through.

    We arrived at soft play an hour late. Kids had a great time. The baby slept. I spent all my time on Amazon/eBay/the Corrado forum excitedly ordering the spare parts I'd need to fix all the problems...
    Says a lot that you weren't searching Autotrader for a soulless people carrier?

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    They’re old cars and can/will stop working without notice (like any other). Factor in breakdown cover (for peace of mind if nothing else) and they can be an enjoyable experience.

    I’ve run an 8v for the past seven years. Without going through the paperwork folder, it costs (on average) £200-£300 to Mot/mechanically keep the car running for the 6k year round annual miles I cover.

    It’s let me down (where I had to get the breakdown people out) once. Although it has failed to start (on the drive twice).

    There’s no denying by its appearance that I have used it as (for all intent and purposes)as a works van. But that’s okay to me as it’s great to drive, and every journey feels like an adventure. Maybe I should remove the rose tinted glasses and buy something newer, but while it still runs and keeps me smiling, then I’ll keep driving it everyday.
    James likes Corrados. Although he wishes the feeling was reciprocated occasionally.

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    James how's your awesome Campaign progressing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fla View Post
    James how's your awesome Campaign progressing?
    Being held up waiting on engine parts from Heritage. Shame there’s not much else, but I’ll update the thread when there’s more to report.

    To keep on topic though, I did actually run it as a daily for a couple of years. Ran perfectly, but the 18mpg it returned was a little less than I’d have liked. It’s earned retirement from the daily slog...

    For the time being anyway !
    Last edited by James.; 1 Week Ago at 7:56 PM.
    James likes Corrados. Although he wishes the feeling was reciprocated occasionally.

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    Nice stories, especially Tony's as that is my life too. Basically you've got to be somewhat both eccentric (in your love for older metal) and committed to run one as a daily.

    For me I either cycle or train it to work so don't have the panic of it not getting me to work. I am sure it would though. I would confidently drive mine to the South of France, but it has been mechancially refreshed, mostly by Stealth with only the steering rack and bottom end being major original parts.

    If I was buying one I'd I'd be looking for one that has had some sort of mechanical refurb (if I wasn't planning on doing that myself) and one that had decent bodywork. I wouldn't worry about mileage - mines done 154k but it's like tiggers broom and hands down better than a 60k car in original parts. I wouldn't restrict to the VR6 but you had may as well since they are still cheap cars tp buy. The mechancial refurb will mean you should only have basic servicing costs to consider over the next 5 years.
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    There's a low mileage 8v on eBay for £5k .. probably the most boring engine, but also probably the most ideal for a daily Corrado

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    I ran my 1.8 16v as a daily for 17 years doing about 250,000 miles in it. It is my view that a car should be used, laying them up for most of the year doesn't do them any good. I did have my own personal quirks with it, one of which was when I replaced the timing belt I would also drop the sump and replace the big end shells and main bearings at the same time, other consumables would also be replaced on a regular basis. The main reason for passing on the car was the difficulty of finding parts. In the time I had it, it only let me down twice, both of which were repairable by myself at the roadside. I still miss it terribly.
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    I have a G60 that is the most modern and regularly used car in the household. Itís not used daily, but a good few times a week, and is parked on the street outside.

    A good quality car cover keeps the worst of the sap and guano off, although we rarely keep it on all of the time.

    Iíve done a waxoyl treatment if the underside, and when using it in winter regularly jet wash the underside of the arches to get the salt out of the crevasse.

    Mostly, itís been keeping on top of the preventative stuff (replacing brake pipes with cunifer for example) and changing the oil regularly.

    While there have been hiccups, itís all been common car issues thus far (battery, puncture etc). Been the most reliable Corrado Iíve ever owned (although I did spend a lot bringing it up to scratch shortly after buying it).
    I think it helps that the 8v engine is pretty tough, and a well looked after charger isnít that fragile!


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