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    Hi guys. I run a small business called Dubstock we have recently had 3 Corrado’s and massive stock of parts come
    Instock so anything needed please send me a pm
    Or find my pages online or Facebook. Thanks

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    15th October 2008
    West Yorkshire
    Where are you located mate?

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    Maidenhead Berkshire

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    11th April 2010
    I pm'd you but the forum is a bit wonky at the moment, so not sure it went through.

    With the Corrados do you have a VR6 lower radiator support member in reasonable condition? I can deal with surface rust, but anything that needs cutting and repairing would be the same as my current one.

    '9 4 A q u a B l u e V R 6

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    Hi. Do you have a late drivers side electric window switch plus the little screw clip things that hold the inner tailgate lid trim in place?

    Turns out you can polish a turd!!

    1995 Corrado VR6 twilight violet -died and gone to Corrado heaven
    1994 Corrado 16v blackberry -was the car love of my life - split to help other C's around the world.
    1995 Corrado 8v black - complete gonner - broke for parts
    1994 Corrado VR6 ice violet -she's here!........... It all starts again!

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    Hi sure do, inbox me or send me a message 07955564531 and il get photos/details, cheers


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