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Thread: VR6 - Engine movement with Vibratechnic mounts

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    VR6 - Engine movement with Vibratechnic mounts

    Hi Guys,

    I've got all 3 vibratechnic mounts, aside from the engine looking like it's sat on the ****, resolved with a shim I made, I find that the engine can be wobbled by hand and if I rev the car, it moves more than I would expect, not enough to hit the bonnet but this just seems a bit loose. Everything is tight as can be.

    Is this normal for this setup or is there a problem?

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    Something doesn't sound right mate...had VT on my 4x4 and found them to be superb at minimising movement....sure you haven't overtightened the mounts and sheared the bolt fittings? FYI they don't require torqueing up anywhere near as much as the factory mounts.

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