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Thread: Low mileage vr6

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    Low mileage vr6

    VW Corrado VR6 - 54k genuine miles, Top spec,

    Price: £ 9,500

    Download the application from the Google Play Store.
    Car on gum tree. Not mine, but nice
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    Wow impressive mileage, just the body which as I know is the bloomin expensive thing to sort out.

    I was thinking about the value of my car the other day with all the stuff/ stealth and I have done to it, once the body work has been done if I sold it I reckon I would be at least 3 k out of pocket, but peoples loosing much more in depreciation on modern cars and I have basically restored her to a reliability of a car a few years old and she should live on to the 40year old MOT and tax free

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    Nice, Im also thinking about selling mine as well.

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