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Thread: VR6 Radiator

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    VR6 Radiator

    Hi,Require a radiator for my 1995 VR6,tried Vw Heritage but out of stock,part number is 535121251E any help appreciated.

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    Did you try I bought an Hella one off them recently. Just check what brands they are currently stocking. Worth checking fleabay as well.

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    Went and got the aluminium one. Should out live the car if it ever gets fitted

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    Quote Originally Posted by k993apc View Post
    Went and got the aluminium one. Should out live the car if it ever gets fitted
    Where did you get the Alloy rad from and was it a direct replacement? Cheers

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    Off a guy on Facebook. Havnt tried it as cars just sat rotting away now

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    4th one surely the last

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