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Thread: Newbie to the forum but not to Corrados

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    27th November 2019
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    Newbie to the forum but not to Corrados

    Hi, I've owned my G60 since 1991. We completed 200000 miles in 2008. I then bought a Merc followed by a Honda, all the while keeping the unmodified G60 in the garage as a 'project'. It doesn't look as though it's going to happen so sadly it needs to go - either to someone like Copart or to an enthusiast. If I get enough of these posts clocked up I'll advertise it in the classified.

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    Welcome, so you bought the Corrado brand new? A 0 previous owner G60 with full history etc and no mods is pretty desirable, even with that mileage! If you advertise elsewhere stick a link up on here

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    27th November 2019
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    Thanks for the welcome. As for ownership,I bought it from the dealer at ~2 months and 2000 miles old, so technically it's a 1 previous. I guess you might mean a link in 'Ebay and Misc' - watch that space!

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    Also new:

    Quote Originally Posted by Furstyferret View Post
    Thanks for the welcome. As for ownership,I bought it from the dealer at ~2 months and 2000 miles old, so technically it's a 1 previous. I guess you might mean a link in 'Ebay and Misc' - watch that space!
    Hi everyone who might be reading,

    I’m also new to this Forum, and relatively new to Corrado ownership. Apparently, I need to have at least five posts ‘approved’ (and there’s no problem at all with that) before I can be ‘active’, so there follow a few posts about my ownership thus far.

    I bought my ’92 G60 in '17, and it’s essentially a sound car, but it's been a relatively lengthy project, with a ‘learning curve’ for me, and, like most no doubt, it’s not yet (if ever) finished.

    One of the first things I discovered was the appalling performance of the headlights, and a quick search illustrated that it seems to be an ‘issue’ for Corrados. I made a harness to operate the headlights by relay, using direct connections to the battery for power, and the lighting switch supply to energise the relevant mini-relays. Much improved performance, so I gave myself a pat on the back for that!

    The slight 'misfire' that the otherwise sound car had, when I bought it, was eventually discovered to be a broken piston. Ouch! I managed to find just a single new piston, and that was installed - along with new big end bearings.

    While getting on with this job, I took the opportunity to get the G-lader rebuilt at OCD in Doncaster.

    Engine put back together, and all seemed well!

    Joe G

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    Part two:

    However, a few months later, without any warning at all, the engine ran a big end bearing - so, engine and 'box had to come out this time, rather than just the head and sump removal required previously (once a ‘slot’ was eventually arranged at my pal’s garage) and the extracted engine was stripped to determine what had happened – I never did discover a cause, although the heat generated had destroyed the relevant conrod! Before anyone jumps to a conclusion, the car is a road car, and doesn’t get thrashed - I’m too old for that!

    An oversized rebore, new forged Wossner pistons at eye-watering prices, a replacement G60 conrod (which is not your average 1.8l VW conrod, since the gudgeon pin is 22mm Ø rather than the standard 20mm Ø) at a very reasonable price from Eastern Europe, a regrind of the crank with new bearings all round, a new oil pump and all the other associated bits needed, and I rebuilt the engine, as you might imagine, quite meticulously.

    Now, I'm not new to wielding a spanner, but I am quite unfamiliar with this engine, but gladly managed to discover all the useful information about torque wrench settings, and even the lengths of studs/bolts and so on.

    Suffice it to say that someone in the past history of the vehicle had been, let's say, quite cavalier about putting the correct bolts into the incorrect holes - if you get my drift – if it was possible to have the wrong bolt there, then, on most occasions, that’s where it was!

    Despite having labelled every fixing as I separated the engine, there now began a lengthy 'trial assembly' making sure that I had the right bits in the right places - eventually managing to get there - don't you just hate 'cowboys'!

    Joe G

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    Part three

    Engine rebuilt, and given a new clutch, it was then a case of waiting for another slot' at my friend's garage to replace the lump - I had to wait until he eventually went on his summer hols to get the car towed there!

    Engine and ‘box reinstalled (with a little help of a friend for a couple of 'fiddly' engine cradle bolts) quite straightforwardly, exhaust and all coolant hoses connected up – although I was beginning to fall out of love with the offside driveshaft flange bolts! Quite a struggle on the hottest day of the year! Then the car was towed home for the remaining bits to be fitted.

    Joe G

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    Part four

    Eventually, the big moment came, and, I was absolutely stunned that the engine burst into life on the very first turn of the key, not even a full revolution needed!

    All went well, although, as I 'newbie' I did fail to fill the radiator separately and struggled to bleed the 'system'. All niggles eventually 'sorted and now the car's running fine, without leaks or misbehaviour.

    Joe G

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    Part five

    Another 'cowboy' inheritance the car had, which, with the engine out, I was able to attend to, was the fact that some numpty had wrapped the wiring harness with 'tank tape' - grrrr!

    Now its all correctly wrapped with the proper harness tape - the good news is that I had the chance to inspect the wiring and found that it was all in good condition - no thanks to the melted tank tape adhesive though - what a mess that was to clean up!

    Joe G

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    Part six

    Other 'issues' have been the need initially to replace a handbrake cable and the rear calipers (the car seems to have been 'Sorned' for a long time) shortly after purchase, and then last week, I needed to change the front brake calipers (in all cases they were ‘sticking’ thanks to rusty pistons) and while I was in there I decided to change a track control arm (it was showing early signs of a rear bush failure - which such a common failure on all sorts of cars), and, as a result, now the steering wheel's a midge's 'off' – which will be easy to correct with a spell on the ramp with the laser tracking gear.

    The brakes are now fine and dandy, and there's no more 'clunking'!

    Joe G 

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    Part seven

    Upcoming jobs (other than attention to the paintwork, which just has 'lacquer chips’ and the like) are a few areas of surface rust treatment (inside the boot lid bottom edge, for example) and the, what appears to be obligatory, sunroof mechanism failure.

    The mechanism and electrics do operate properly (or attempt to!), but the roof doesn't depress sufficiently to 'slide under' without catching. I think I can detect a ‘missing’ roller on the offending side, but removal of the headlining and cassette will need to wait for some much better weather, or a slot indoors somewhere. While the headlining's out, I will change the radio aerial seal (and possibly the aerial too).

    Joe G

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