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Thread: Rat attack .. two wires on scuttle eaten..!

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    Rat attack .. two wires on scuttle eaten..!

    Hi guys,

    Two wires on the driver side scuttle near the wiper motor have been eaten and I can’t find where they are suppose to connect to. They are a brown wire and a black/Green wire.

    Wipers working including wash jets as normal.

    Not sure if these go down the scuttle drain?

    Car : corrado vr6 1995

    Can anyone help pls.


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    Is it the feed for the indicator on the wing.
    4th one surely the last

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1xshaunx1 View Post
    Is it the feed for the indicator on the wing.
    Thanks, I have removed the indicator and yep that is it..

    Now I need to work out how to fish it back through the drain hole...?

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    Take the arch liner off probably the easiest way to fix it
    Just like a golf................But better!!!

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