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Thread: Never again forget to get a Chris Knott quote

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    Never again forget to get a Chris Knott quote

    POTENTIAL NEW CUSTOMERS: Tell us when you're going to want your next quote and we'll remember so you don't have to.

    Hi, did you know there are two ways you can schedule a call back from us via our website?

    We know some members forget to include Chris Knott when they're looking for car insurance quotes even though they fully intended to. We've fixed that for you with these two options:

    On our brief web form you can log your renewal month with us NOW and we'll call you at the right time to offer a quote - then you don't have to remember to call us! Give us your renewal month now to put the ball in our court and guarantee that you'll get a CK quote when the time comes (even if it's 11 months away) - Obviously, you don't need to do this if you're already insured with CK as we'll automatically invite your renewal about 21 days early.

    You can also schedule a quote call back for any time in the next 3 days by using our web widget that pops up when you're on certain pages of our website such as You'll be able to choose the day and the 15-minute time slot that suits you. You can also use it to trigger an instant call from us (well, within 27 secs or so). Great huh?

    Please remember to mention this forum when you speak to us so we can make sure we quote you under our special car clubs/enthusiasts facility.

    If you'd prefer to call us you can on 0800 917 2274.


    CHRIS KNOTT INSURANCE – official forum insurance partner
    QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 (or 01424 200477 - cheaper for mobiles)
    and QUOTE REF: 784-CF
    Follow us on Twitter
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    Will definitely be calling next year, will never EVER go anywhere near the scumbags at Hastings Insurance ever again. If you can get anywhere close you can have both my cars.

    I did ring up this year with the intention of cancelling my policy mid term, taking the hit with cancellation fees just to get away from Hastings but the price was just too much

    Red 16v gone and long forgotten
    Red VR32.. Always a work in progress

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