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Thread: White spring push rod.

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    White spring push rod.


    Please may I ask what is the white push rod above the battery that is located on top of the wing inside the engine bay, I see it has a cable attached to underneath. Must be some type of switch to indicate the bonnet is open or closed ? Its basically in front of the power steering reservoir.

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    Something to do with an alarm I bet

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    Alarm, bonnet open/closed sensor. Mine isn't on the wing though, it's on the lock carrier beside the passenger side bonnet catch. You'll find the wire is designed to go to earth when the bonnet is opened and the circuit is closed then by the push rod and spring holding it in such a way that it doesn't make contact.

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    Arh thanks that makes sense.

    Managed to fix my intermittent main beam light today was only working on one side, uprated headlight loom inspected the relay was rusted out and changed - after still didn't work and then realised there was a yellow fuse in a black plastic retainer inline with the external cable- changed that now working perfectly result!

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