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Thread: No spark 2 & 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_mat View Post
    Not a bad price here, but no clue if/when they are likely to come back in stock.

    Otherwise I usually find at least a couple on ebay from a 1990's VW VR6 of some description.
    Its just a Topran (hover the cursor over the left hand side of the image), so available from other sources for less

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    Haven't had great experiences with Topran in the past myself - I'd go for Bosch, Bremi or Beru if buying a coil pack.

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    Vince at Stealth racing fitted a Bremi 20132 on mine so must be good as he wouldn't use junk. I imagine Beru is the best one out there.

    I would stay well clear of that Topran garbage.
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    But they do WORK. For a while, at least. I do suspect you have other problems.
    There's Hella ones on ebay for ~£130 too.
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