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Thread: Restored Campaign for Sale

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    16th June 2005

    Restored Campaign for Sale

    Anyone seen the restored Campaign for sale on Instagram?

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    24th May 2007
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    Is this the one JMR have just finished restoring?

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    13th June 2009
    Dublin, IE
    Interesting - is it listed anywhere else? I wonder which car it was (each of the six was given to a different high-sales dealership) - maybe the one that travelled to Ireland some years ago?

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    Anyone got a link ? Thanks

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    CF Nutter
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    3rd January 2003
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    A link would be good. I saw the one in JMR a couple of years ago when my Golf was in for a service.
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    Its all about £3 trophies and shiny nuts

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    FML! Difficult to price admittedly, but more than twice that of a showroom condition standard example with all the options.... Not sure about that!
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    14th December 2010
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    Id be surprised if this is still for sale at the end of the month. It’s one of four left, professionally restored with everything working, may not get the full 30 big ones for it though.
    4th one surely the last

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    I’ve long said we undervalue our cars, but I’m not convinced that 40K is realistic, even for such a rare model. Be interesting to have one back in circulation though, I’ve only ever seen one in the flesh in my 25 years of Corrado ownership!
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    Let’s get things into respective it has a red recaro interior and a body colour that you can spray off the paint chart . This is not know homologation special like an E30 M3 or a 190E EVO or even a cosworth . The car has no race history it was an incentive to get some laszyasses to sell some more cars. Also let’s be honest the colour scheme would not be a common required taste as red is not everyone’s cup of tea . Sorry just my opinion. Hopefully it will sell for that as I'm sure it will increase prices as a whole.

    Perfect rado for sale for me would be.
    Fully restored
    VSR manifold
    Black Recaros
    Vdo gauge pod
    Gemini Vw motorsport 6 dogleg gear box .

    Now that’s what stock special edition should be and also with lightweight panels and spoilers, power upgrade of at least 30bhp.

    Also I saw a 964 sell for 37K a couple of weeks backs from a Porsche specialist, what would you rather have ? Then you have a Golf Rallye which you could probably pick up for 20k which is a real special edition with many individual/specific parts which would of cost VW a hell of a lot of money to develop, not a phone call to Recaro trimming department !!!
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