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Thread: Bad Condition Steering Wheel / Gear Knob (1995 VR6)

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    Bad Condition Steering Wheel / Gear Knob (1995 VR6)

    My steering wheel and gear knob are both in poor nick and both either need replacing or recovering in leather.
    Anyone suggest any fixes or people / firms they have used in the past.
    Or a alternative for both, off another VW.
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    I used a gliptone leather cleaner, dye and sealer on my wheel and it came up looking great. Never thought about the gearknob.
    I think robrado was the latest person to send his wheel away for a full re-trim.
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    I think you can get a new covering for the gearknob on ebay. Its about £15. Need to remove the old one first. I'll post the link when I find it
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    I used a place called Mars in Walsall . They sanded down the leather steering wheel and then spray paint the steering wheel with interior leather paint.

    Think it cost me £60.00.

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    These guys are meant to be good... no experience personally.
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