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Thread: The "what I did to my Corrado today" thread...

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    16th April 2006
    Torqued all the end caps in, rod and crankshaft... Fitted oil pump and crank end seal... You gotta love aqua blasting

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    4th April 2015
    Looks absolutely fantastic

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    24th February 2006
    Muckle Flugga & Fastnet Rock
    Corrado VR6 - Aqua Blue LC5U - 96 'N' Plate
    Black Leather - Heated Seats - Air Con
    Totally Standard and intend to keep it that way !

    Hibernation for Winter ! SORN

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    15th June 2010
    Fantastic mate

    1995 VR6 "Norfolk Black" 220bhp
    1995 VR6 "Mystic blue" Storm edition

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    Just changed the seal on my foliage cover - the inlet that sits directly over the heater blower motor. Been getting damp carpet on the passenger side and I suspect this was the root of it. Cleaned out all manner of dead leaves, birds and unidentifiable gunk then slid the cover off as per the wiki article -

    Anyone thinking of doing the same, might like to know that it's quite possible to access the cover without removing the lower windscreen plastic thing, which is worth avoiding as those bits are getting brittle and have often been siliconed in place after someone's destroyed the original clips. It's a little bit fiddly,particularly getting the c-clip thing back on, but pretty straightforward once you've lifted the scuttle rain cover out of the way. I think Jim posted this years ago, but it's worth knowing if you don't want to be wrestling with brittle plastic trim held on with obsolete fasteners that you'll probably break if they're not broken already.

    The original foam seal is now over 20 years old and had gone properly brittle and come unstuck in places. You could see where water had been able to get underneath it. The new one - VW Heritage do them - sticks onto the cover and feels reassuringly resilient and, erm, new.

    Anyway, fingers crossed that sorts it and I'm back to having a dry and happy Storm. I should probably do the same thing to my Mk2 as well just for peace of mind.
    Mystic Blue Storm - H&R coilovers - Rear Neuspeed Anti-roll Bar - Magnex - Dieselgeek quick shift and Gruvenparts travel reducer - Few or no functioning brain cells - And a red Mk2 GTi 8v with a TSR-tuned motor.

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    4th January 2013
    Ashton-in-Makerfield, United Kingdom
    Popped it in for MOT after fitting replacement door handle from Lilfuzzer and walked out with a Pass Many thanks to Lilfuzzer 👍👍

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    4th April 2015
    Treated the steering wheel to a refurbishment
    Mine was a little tatty, so I ordered some leather cleaner/colourant and sealer. It came with quite simple instructions so I thought I'd give it a go.
    I had done some previous research and was considering sending it abroad for a refurbishment which is over £150 and looks great. But cutting costs I thought I'd try this for £12 from ebay.
    Hopefully the photos show the original wear .
    When cleaned and looking far worse...
    3 coats of colourant & looking good
    3 layers of semi gloss, result.
    My wheel still has a hard patch which perhaps I should have sanded, but for now, I'm happy.
    Apologies for so many pictures, but an easy job anyone can do

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    Nice job. They were much better quality leather than most modern cars get.

    A Corrado is for life, not just for the MOT.
    [ WARNING: the above message may contain irony, sarcasm and outright lies. ]

    ** Every time you think about sex, another Corrado gets written off. **

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    25th August 2008
    Have you got a link to the kit you got from E Bay?

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    4th April 2015
    Picture attached.
    I can't seem to share the link to the correct spot via tapatalk.
    Delivery takes a while but I was in no rush. I'm sure there are plenty of other suppliers, but this was good enough for me

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