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Thread: The "what I did to my Corrado today" thread...

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    For hoses, you could try Bonding & Reline Services at Leicester. They made me all the automatic gearbox oil cooler pipes for my old BMW 635, a combination of metal and flexible pipes, came in around £110 the lot.

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    Thanks Cressa and SteveM. Cressa did you run the hoses the same way across the front or reroute them around the block?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fla View Post
    Thanks Cressa and SteveM. Cressa did you run the hoses the same way across the front or reroute them around the block?
    I've only replaced the one from the drier to the condensor for now. I've kept it exactly the same as before and will do if I replace the others
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cressa View Post
    Always nice to get working time on the corrado, especially on a nice day
    It certainly is, frustrating though not having the necessary equipment to tackle certain jobs I know I could do myself.

    Still, I have enjoyed it so for, except for the endless jacking the car up to get it all done

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    Got the exhaust sealed today. Turns out the last person to work on it put the short through pipe on back to front. That would explain why there was no slot cut in what I thought was the outer sleeve.

    Wonder what else I will find fitted on back to front.....

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    Fitted a new heated rear window switch as the old one wasn’t illuminating. Then sanded and painted the slightly crusty bonnet support arm. Cleaned out the area around fuel-flap/drain. Then fitted 3 new Bosch wioers and replaced both headlamp dipped bulbs with halfords superduper jobies..not sure any brighter!..will try an updated loom and teflectors next.
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