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Thread: The "what I did to my Corrado today" thread...

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    8th November 2002

    The "what I did to my Corrado today" thread...

    Concept shamelessly lifted from a thread on the VWVortex.. I figured a similar thread would work on here. Any day you do a bit of DIY on your Corrado, post up and tell us about it

    Mine isn't particularly exciting today, but :

    * I ran an aux cable down and out into the passenger footwell (so I am no longer bound by writing CD-R's for my non-MP3 capable headunit and can hook up my iPod.. hooray!),

    * I attempted to work out why the rear left speaker on my car has never worked (but think I need someone who understands auto audio wiring to decypher that),

    * I replaced my rear driver side brakelight bulb

    * I spent a bit of time on the spoiler mech to stop it squeaking when it extends and retracts - now its nice and squeak free

    Oh, and it got a damn good wash too

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    12th February 2004
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    1. Replaced radiator with a new one that doesn't leak, and isn't rusted at the retaining clips.

    2. Replaced wiper linkage (what a ****er to get out!) I now have wipers that push against the windscreen, and WORK.

    3. Replaced all interior switches with ones that work, arn't melted and click right!

    4. Wash and clean inside and out, removing a black sack full of crap.

    OK, that's not a day's work. It's been a meandering weekend of C tinkering
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    4th August 2003
    did this yesterday but...

    * fitted my headunit and removed the old one (not in that order!)
    * fitted momo gearknob and steering wheel
    * fitted dash speakers
    * swapped the heater fan
    * tightend numerous bolts, screws and fixings
    * replaced drivers side 'pin switch' so the interiour light now comes on when I open my door

    I would have given it a good wash and hoover but its been p*ssing it down for 48 hours now!
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    today I will be mostly:

    Fitting the syncro back axle to my corrado :wink:
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    26th October 2004
    over the past week ive.... replace rear calipers with shiny mk4 items and the corresponding goodridge hoses put brand new vag rear disks on and rear bearings oh and 2 new handbrake cables. i now have a handbrake for the first time replaced an exhaust rubber. but mostly ive been lying underneath my rado trying to wobble bits to see why it pulls to one side under power! oh and forgetting to ring g-man to order my catch tank and the mocal bits i need for my oil cooler! over a few leisurely days i know but generally a nice few days of corrado love!

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    8th November 2002
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    Over the bank holiday weekend ....

    Fitted BMC CDA air filter and CAI. Took car for a drive. Re-attached MFA plug and took for another test drive. Mounted induction kit with a rivet as the screw previously used didn't quite hold it tight. Bashed finger on Schrick whilst riveting mounting bracket. Swore.

    Attempted to get a socket big enough to remove and replace steering wheel. Found said socket to discover that I've lost my larger ratchet thus rendered said socket useless.

    Figured out how to mount TT shift gaited and alu ring onto existing trim.

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    Wire brushed both rear inner wheelarches and repainted

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    nothing its in spain and im here in the uk
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    I know mine's not a 'Rado, but...

    1. Rewired stereo connector so VW wiring loom terminates in an ISO connector and looks factory - no adaptors for me anymore!
    2. Replaced n/s headlamp with one that doesn't get condensation and hasn't got a corroded reflector.
    3. Attempted to paint headlamp surround of dead headlamp as practice - failed miserably!
    4. Replaced centre dash section with one that isn't shattered into a gazillion pieces. Broke a switch blanking panel in the process, d'oh!
    5. Replaced instrument panel surround with non-broken one.
    6. Still to do - wash and hoover in preparation for E1K @ Ace Cafe tomorrow.
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    20th March 2005
    Fitted some new 250 W kenwood speakers into the doors and tried to decide what 17'Rims to buy decisions decisions
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