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Thread: G60 owners ...please read this.

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    It can be done with the engine out. The problems arise in keeping the crank stationary while putting pressure on the bolt. You can get bolt on gizmos to lock the flywheel if the gearbox is off.
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    Thought as much, cheers
    1989 16v to G60 In-progress

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    So, If I go to VW and ask them to order and replace N90320802, I will be fine?

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    In case it helps anyone else, I borrowed a cordless snap on impact driver - whipped the old bolt out with ease, even on a stand
    1989 16v to G60 In-progress

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    Happened to Me doing 75 in the fast lane on the M4 lucky it was a Sunday and motorway was quiet so managed to coast across lanes and up a slip road park up and phone the AA "Phew"not recommended !
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    Greetings from Canada!
    So glad I found this amazing forum and in particular this thread.
    I was able to purchase the new version PG bolt and get my mechanics to put it in no problem,=m. 20 minutes in and out on a hoist.
    One potential threat removed.
    My car sits at @33,000km and still runs strong as my DD.
    thanks again for this forum and thread!

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