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Thread: Passat Climatronic repair

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    Passat Climatronic repair

    Gents I know this is a not a Corrado, but a little help would really be appreciated.

    A friend has a 1998 Passat and the Climatronic is playing up. When the car is started the screen flashes, but the fan does not come on at all, you can hear a feint noise when you press the buttons, as if an actuator is doing something.

    Could it be a resistor? Any tips gratefully recieved.

    Cheers. :-P
    Ex Corrado VR6 Storm
    Ex Corrado G60

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    Was talking to James R the other night re climate control. The display flashes if there is something wrong with the system. So I'm guessing that your probs are down to the fan, maybe the old thermal fuse? though that would still allow the fan to run on the high setting. SO maybe a lose wire to the fan?

    Hope you find it.
    Cheers Andy

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