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Thread: The definitive "what exhaust?" discussion thread!

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    8th November 2002

    The definitive "what exhaust?" discussion thread!

    Ok.. in response to comments in yet another exhaust thread, this is going to be the all new conclusive exhaust discussion. I'd prefer if it DIDNT become a flame war as occasionally seems to happen in these threads (especially over Milltek systems) so just - be normal. I'll kick it off! I might also turn this into a poll to find out what people have once I get a few manufacturers together..? Anyway..

    Car: Corrado G60
    Exhaust: Magnex CAT back system w/ oval tailpipe
    Opinion: Quality was superb.. no signs of any kind of knocking - fit appeared to be very good with no signs of leaking after 30,000 miles of service and no obvious damage or corroding on the stainless steel. Only problem was passengers always complained that the exhaust was exceptionally boomy if sitting in the back seats.

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    Ok get this over with quickly shall we?

    Corrado VR6
    Genuine VW Exhaust.
    Opinion: Original exhaust lasted 8 years, obviously fit+finish are superb (even after 8 years), no clunking, no knocking, no rattles, subtle tone and everything.

    I replaced it with .. another VW exhaust. £155+VAT from GSF for the centre and rear sections. Had it fitted by a local VW specialist, have had equally few problems with the replacement as with the original. Fitted once, forgotten.
    [ WARNING: the above message may contain irony, sarcasm and outright lies. ]

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    Heres my overview:

    Car: G60
    Exhaust: Miltek with Cat bypass and JMR hi flow s/s front pipe + ported manifold
    Opinion: Very solid system, fits well, nice deep exhaust note that is not too noisy, small warranty issue sorted with no messing around whatsoever, JMR front pipe not cheap but worth every penny

    As this is the definitive thread can we make sure it doesn't degenerate into another "lets knock other brands" thread that others appear to do

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    5th March 2003
    I'm in agreement with Dr Mat, otherwise SuperSprint gets my vote.

    Not going anywhere near a Milltek again.

    Other quality brands (reputedley) are Hayward & Scott, Quicksilver, Sebring, Blue Flame, Tube Torque and shed loads more!
    Did have: 94 Corrado R32
    Now have: 2004 Golf R32

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    10th March 2004
    Surrey darling!
    Milltek - £300 fitted

    Car: VR6
    Exhaust: cat back Milltek s/s system, uprated exhaust hangers added
    Opinion: fitted by JMR, can't complain, excellent looks, alot lighter than the original ( I held them both, must be 1/4 of the weight if not less)

    Also had a Jetex on my MK3 Golf, fitted by Halfords to start with and no end of problems. Was then refitted by a specialist and was perfect and apparently still is 4 years on.

    It's all in the fitting
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    10th October 2004
    Tunbridge Wells, Kent
    Car: G60
    Exhaust: Miltek with Cat bypass fitted by JMR
    Opinion: Very solid system, fits well, nice deep exhaust note that is not too noisy on motorway, subtle oval tailpipe, couldn't ask for more!
    VR sold - new wheels: E39 BMW 530i Sport

    Still miss both my 'Rados

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    12th April 2004
    Swindon, Wilts, United Kingdom
    Car: 2.0l 16v
    Exhaust: Magnex CAT back with Supersprint CAT bypass
    Opinion: Once it was fitted properly by Demon Tweeks, its superb. Lovely raspy sound to it, but NOT CHAV like at all. Subtle oval tailpipe. Very pleased, especially when you nail it and at around 4500rpm brings a smile to my face!!
    Stu aka Mr Theroux
    '02 Passat TDI Sport

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    CF Nutter
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    5th January 2004
    Car: 2.0 16v
    Exhaust: Magnex cat back with oval tail pipe
    Opinion: Very nicely made, does not fit perfectly, but better than some other aftermarket exhausts I've had. I don't particularly like the exhaust note, too Mk1 Escort for me, its quite raspy and echoey, but some of my mates really like the sound, so thats just my personal opinion. If I had to replace it I would go for a standard one.

    Whilst writing my post Mr Beige posted his and he likes the raspy note - Definately a personal opinion thing.
    Corrado 2.0 16v 2008cc ITB's, Megasquirt, flowed 'shed' head, ABF cams, Lightened flywheel,
    Magnex, 280mm brakes, Spax/FK suspension.
    230BHP MK4 Golf 1.8t GTI daily driver on Konis and TT 6 spokes.

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    17th March 2004
    Carterton, United Kingdom
    Blog Entries
    Car: 1.8 16v (For another month or two)
    Exhaust: Full miltek, oval tail pipe with JMR downpipe & ported exhaust manifold
    Opinion: Has never knocked but had an issue with the cat bypass pipe not sealing at the pinch end - sorted with no furthur problems very quickly. I like this exhaust its not intrusive until you boot it and I don't want a system that makes my ears bleed after an hour on the M4! Car also pulls much better from low down thanks to manifold and front pipe.
    Cheers fool,
    1990 G60-16v Blue Pearl Effect
    Now sold, 1991 Nugget G60
    CCGB Technical Secretary

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    19th July 2004
    Car: G60
    Exhaust: stainless steel Scorpion with some home made Cat Bypass all fitted by the previous owner
    Opinion: crap crap crap. Rattled, knocked and started melting the baffle box under the back seat.

    Due to not being able to aford a new system, i chopped it up and open at work (what a crap design they are inside no wonder it was melting) and now i have a custom system and decat, 90% improvement, get 5mpg better fuel also.
    Nice tail pipe though

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