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Thread: The definitive "what exhaust?" discussion thread!

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    11th March 2009
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    i couldnt figure out how to copy the post from my build thread with all the attachments but if you click below

    there are lots of pics of the Longlife exhuast
    Bramber metallic VR6 bring on the grins as the VR sings!!!!
    Stealth head rebuild, 263's, BMC CDA, Roose M/Sport hoses, VT engine mount, KW V1s
    KUR2Y loom, daves16v short shifter, 2.5" Longlife SS exhaust with sport cat, lots of shiny bolts & 210bhp
    Alpine White 1.8 16v, Kamei skirts, Powerflow SS exhaust, back on my drive April 2014

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    16th April 2006
    Had a bit of a read through as I need a new exhaust, am I right in my assumption that the Jetex is as close to a stock/standard system you can currently get?

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