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Thread: The definitive "what exhaust?" discussion thread!

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    25th January 2003
    A small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelguese
    Car: G60
    Exhaust 1: SuperSprint Mega System, Cat back. Sturdy, appeared well made (albeit mild steel). VERY heavy system, which required about 3 hours fitting by specialist. However, very satisfying visually and orally. Went through rubbers like crazy though. Lasted approx 4 years/45,000 miles, then rotted through.
    Exhaust 2:Stainless Steel Scorpion, cat back. Looked okay off the body, but fit was worse than terrible. Rattled against rear bumper so badly that after about 2 months had melted the bumper around the surround. Took back to Scorpion and their excuse was that I had some "weird german body kit on the car" Like hell I did!

    Car: VR6
    exhaust Standard VW still. Now consider this is now a 13 year old car, has done 70k miles and STILL has the original exhaust on...

    So, in conclusion, Heart says go for the SuperSprint, head says stick with the OE VW one.
    Scirocco Storm 1.9 skyrocket (mmmmm Leather!)

    Audi A5 3.0tdi Sport Quattro (ooooooh - suits you sir!)
    Passat B5.5 TDI 130 Wagon
    ex - Karmann Corrado VR6 Campaign, G60s x 2 - never had a 16v

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    Car: G60 (late type hangers)
    Exhaust: Supersprint with Cat Bypass
    Opinion: Great exhaust note, nice oval tail pipe, middle box however split, but Supersprint replaced it under warrenty. Fit was good once fitted properly, even with the car lowered.
    |Present Motor: Audi A4 Avant 2.0T FSI Quattro S-Line|
    |Previously: SEAT LEON FR TDI|German Spec 92 G60 JET LHD, |Mk2 Golf Cab|mk2 Fiesta 1.4s|

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    CF Nutter
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    2nd April 2003
    South Shields
    I have a:
    Mongoose cat back
    AAS cat pass pipe

    Mongoose S/S zorst gives a decent note but not loud but bumps off everything so it's sh1t for that and it [email protected] off speed humps and has taken on the same curve of the speed hump it's self!

    Supersprint gets my vote if your funds extend that far.

    CF #292
    Corrado VR6nos Vortech-charged. Fast not Furious
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    11th May 2003
    SE Cheshire
    Car: '92 G60 (J-DUB)
    Exhaust: Custom made by JP Exhausts in Macclesfield
    Opinion: Fits beautifully, nice and quiet up until 3500rpm when all hell breaks loose until 4500rpm when it goes nice and quiet again (as I requested it to do! ) single round rolled tail pipe as they'd run out of ovals when I got it made...

    Car: '92 G60 (J-DUB after the engine mods)
    Exhaust: custom (as above) with JMR/Milltek downpipe and ported manifold
    Opinion: Downpipe didn't make any difference to the noise of the system but did appear to help flow considerably

    Car: '91 G60 (H-YYU)
    Exhaust: Milltek full system
    Opinion: Oval tail pipe (kinda OEM+) Really like this system... was fitted to the car when I got it, but it sits nicely, is quiet enough when cruising but gives enough growl at 3000ish RPM to let people know that they need to get outta the way!
    H-YYU - '91 Pearl Grey G60... was 251.7 BHP SOLD
    J562DUB - Aqua blue G60 - RIP
    H714HKC - Tornado Red 1.8 16V - RIP

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    20th January 2003
    N. Wales
    Car: Golf G60
    Exhaust: Supersprint Cat Bypass, Full twin box system, Oval tail pipe.

    EDIT Added price paid as suggested by coolrado

    Supersprint Cat Replacment £80.51
    Supersprint Centre Exhaust and Front pipe £123.75
    Supersprint Backbox 120x80 oval £176.93

    Total including P&P £394.19


    Fitting: I fitted it myself and found it to fit almost like OE. Needed to turn one of the middle hangers on the car around for perfect fit, it also came with a replacement rear hanger in chrome which was a nice touch.

    Look: I really like the size of the tail pipe, its kinda smaller than others so in my opinion looks more OE. Also the distance from the end of the back box to the tail pipe is quite far so you cant see any of the back box from the rear of the car.

    Sound: Its no where near as loud as a Janspeed I had on my Rocco. Its pritty subtle at low revs but give a good noise in high rev's. Juts how you want it! Gets a bit louder with age, think most exhausts do. Would go for the twin silenced like I have if you dont want loud.

    Performance: I know that supersprint test each application of there exhausts on a Dyno and road test while developing them. This could be just good PR but I don’t think some of the cheaper manufactures do this.

    Price: They are more expensive than other systems. Especially when you consider that there not completely Stainless Steel.

    I'd like to try a Miltek system to see what there like as there a little cheaper. But if I had the extra money I would buy Supersprint again.

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    CF Nutter coolrado's Avatar
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    11th May 2004
    wrexham, north wales
    car: 91 G60

    Exhaust: original vw

    opinion: superb for the age of the system and i recently found out the tail pipe end is stainless but painted black so i stripped it back and got it on the buffer it now looks like a new tail pipe.
    only problem i had was some little turd who thought it would be funny to stand on the tail pipe which snapped the rear hook off the exhaust, which i got welded back on for the price of a beer and is as good as new.
    only very slight signs of rust around the welds but nothing serious.
    would go for bastuck if it ever does start to fall apart.

    could people please put the price they paid for their system as that will also help people make up thier minds
    SNS 5.5, 68mm pulley, RSR outlet, BBM boost pipes, mocal oil cooler, weitec hicon TX coilovers, BBS RM's, mk4 golf rear calipers, audioscape doorpods, rear strut brace, CCGB member 3541

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    17th November 2003
    East Midlands
    Magnex full Stainless System.
    Bought from Fine Wine Begian Chocs (from this forum)
    Reason: I like the look of the oval tip, it looks stock but also looks slightly uprated. It only sounds loud and boomy when you floor the throttle, otherwise you wouldnt notice that you have a "loud" exhaust. Cost... i cant remember, but it was a good deal, from one Corrado man to another.

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    8th November 2002
    The Gates of Hell

    OEM exhaust for 12 years and now starting to blow.

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    8th November 2002
    wrexham north wales
    cat back stainless steel magnex
    fits like an oe system,looks better than an oe system,sounds nice and cost me £230 fitted at demon tweeks
    1993 corrado vr6,in flash red,spax coilovers, 17" ats dtm mesh alloys,magnex stainlessteel cat back exhaust,black electric recaro leather seats,DDI reverse glow dials,312mm audi tt brake set got a GSXR750(2001)

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    20th January 2004
    Coventry, UK
    Car: US-G60
    Exhaust when I bought it: Milltek from Cat. Nice subtle gurgle sound when idling, pops nicely but subtly when kicking the G60 a bit, but typically can only be heard with windows open, as inside the Rado it's fairly quiet.

    Only problem so far (system is nearly 3 years old): T-Bar on exhaust near midsection box caused pipe to break, resulting in blowing, reweld and reposition T-Bar hopefully has sorted that.

    My Mk1 Rocco, Rado and 928
    Corrado Club of GB Events Manager

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