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Thread: Alarm fitters to AVOID

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    Alarm fitters to AVOID

    It seems so many people get stung by dodgy dealers and fitters.
    So it makes sense to name and shame these thieves.
    Would make a good sticky next to the Recommended fitters.

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    Good call...


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    I had the alarm in my old car fitted by GAP (Clifford Concept 300):

    > "brain" was installed within easy reach onto the side of the steering column
    > It kept going off! The sensitivity was set way too high
    > The volumetric sensor was mounted using velco. As the car heated up and cooled down when parked the adhesive gave up on the velcro and the sensor was hanging off
    > The u-shaped part of metal which mounts the siren in the engine bay had been bent so the siren was only held in place by one bolt thus invalidating the Cat 1 status of the alarm
    > Wires were not tidied up and were gathered up in the scuttle panel
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    Avoid Hyde Park Corner if you know what's good for you! Facking cowboys. My alarm works fine, but when you see the wiring the guy has done you have to ask why. andycowuk has seen the awesome job first hand and it is shoddy as **** to say the least.
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    Avoid Liquid Ice in Yeovil, i know of three people who's alarm they completely botched up! Half the time the indicators would ramdomly go off and the dash went heywire!

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    Avoid CATS FOR CARS in Farnham Surrey, near the sports centre

    -when i first drove the car after the install the imobiliser cut in whilst driving along!!!!! This caused a fuel leak and buggered the G40 sensor.

    -they broke the heater controls whilst trying to sort the imobiliser problem out and denied any wrong doing

    -couldn't fix the problem, by this time i didn't want them touching my car anymore so i cut my loses and went else where. I believe spreading as much bad news about these bodgers is payback!
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    Avoid ORPINGTON CAR STEREO in Poole - car went in for a clifford concept 500 and came back to me six late via VW stealership workshop. The alarm fitters couldnt get the car started. And I'm still getting false alarms!!
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    Avoid Auto Elite in staffordshire. They were supposed to be a good company and I used them as they did pvw's rallye project car.

    They fitted a toad a101cl to my polo, and I had all sorts of problems, not with the alarm specifically though. It was their poor workmanship like the wiring to the door solenoids broke over time, causing the c/l not to work on that side. They also made a mess of the door membranes and the holes they drilled weren't protected well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biggrim
    Avoid Hyde Park Corner if you know what's good for you! Facking cowboys. My alarm works fine, but when you see the wiring the guy has done you have to ask why. andycowuk has seen the awesome job first hand and it is shoddy as **** to say the least.
    I (cough) used to work for them, but left after 7 months because i wasnt happy with how they wanted me to fit alarms, example... vehicle has alarm already installed into it which isnt working, i get sent down to fit new alarm, im told to leave that alarm in and 'chuck' in the new alarm in less than 2 hours (cat 1)!!! Kept having arguments with the bosses over time fitting alarms and in the end i told them to stick it!! I have a motto which has gained me alot of clientele over the years, it is 'work on any car as if it was your own' Nuff said!
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    seems like more BAD fitters than good at the mo`

    i used safe and sound in cheshire, i`d booked a week before but when i turned up they had no idea i was coming...

    but they did the job and i know of 4 cars that they`ve done and the work was ok as far as i`m aware
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