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Thread: VAG-COM Interface Cable

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    VAG-COM Interface Cable

    Hi All,

    My car has the 16pin OBD2 connector underneath the gear gator. Does anyone know if these cables on e-bay will fit? ... dZViewItem

    I also have access to VAG-COM version 303.1, anyone know if it will work with the VR?

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    Your combination should work on a VR6 and 303.1 will be OK but other engines ie. 9A, ADY & 2E don't work in some cases as those engine ECU's are finicky. ABS is generally benign no matter what cable/VAG-COM version.

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    I got one of these from ebay - and it works perfectly on my '92 VR6. Its a bit more pricey, but I can assure you that they work (I bought the main cable AND the OBD-1 converter which you won't need on post-1993 engines.

    Cheers, Ben
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