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Thread: 2nd thermo switch on g60?.

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    2nd thermo switch on g60?.

    according to bentley book there are 2 thermoswitch's on the 1990 g60 engine ,but I can only find one, (the one on the radiator )where is the other one??? .is it that little sensor between the intake mani.and the ISV. which has only one wire attached to it. ?

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    That small fuel pipe at the end of the rail goes to a switch, but I think you mean the rad thermoswitch which is a 2 in one unit - ie it has 2 stages.


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    ok thanks,so there is only one thermoswitch afterall... but what is this sensor (only one wire attached to it).
    * .this is not my engine I just used this pic. for clarification.

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    Ambient air temp sensor - causes the rad cooling fan to overrun, after the engine has been switched off (for upto 20 mins).

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