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Thread: quick-guide to storms

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    Re: quick-guide to storms

    OK - getting one out of two included isn't bad . DVLA log books (v5) give you the number of former owners plus the VIN.
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    Re: quick-guide to storms

    That looks like a very good idea mate.....hope it all comes off.....

    I'd be very interested to know what storms are still about.
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    Afternoon all, as some of you may know my Feb 95 registered C is badged as a Storm. It was first registered to the dealer though so I was hoping (probably to be disappointed) that it was a diplay vehicle. Ive just called VW HQ in MK to ask them, and they said that their database only goes back as far as 2000. Anything registered before it would be better to contact my local dealership, who surprise surprise, were equally unhelpful. I know others have called HQ for confirmation in the not too distant past, so does anyone know a particular department that I can ask to be put through to? as the general enquiries desk obviously cannot be bothered.

    Thanks folks!
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    hi all
    just to throw a spanner in the works, my storm is registered as astorm on the log book too.

    and totally standard.

    love her

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