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Thread: laser parking aid

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    laser parking aid

    guys who would be interested in a parking aid thats measured by laser. i have delved into this subject with great detail and have found the best in my opinion, product on the market. obviosly these have a side effect which i can guess you all realise, but as they measure distance with an audiable beep they are legal.
    check the website at

    these sell at £295 but i have arranged a discount on ten or more for £225

    if interested please let me know by pm
    G60 1992 Aqua Pearl Effect
    pitstop rebuilt and flowed charger, SNS chip, 68 mm pulley, Jabba induction kit,
    193.6 bhp at stealth 2003, few tweeks and now 211.4 bhp 201.8 ftlb's, 225.6 bhp & 208.6 ftlb's Dec 04

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    I guess that's a welcome side effect then.
    Need a headlight loom? PM kur2y, as I have stopped making them. Zak has been taught by the best. ;0)

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