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Thread: Heater Matrix Replacement Guide

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    Heater Matrix Replacement Guide

    The dreaded happened a few days back. There I was cruising thru town, when the windscreen becomes a cloud of steam. A short drive Ace Ventura stylee and I was stopped in a car park trying to bypass the matrix.

    Anyway I did a search on here and found a debate ongoing as to whether or not the matrix could be replaced without taking the dash out. As it seems to take peeps about 8 hours to do it by removing the dash, and a claimed 3ish hours without, I naturally decided to try without. And I can confirm that it is possible to remove the matrix without removing the whole dash.

    The method as i found it

    1/ Remove lower panel on passenger side.
    2/ Remove glove box (unnecessarily difficult)
    3/ remove the dash centre console (a lot easier than it looks)
    4/ remove the 3 nuts in the engine bay (2 for the heater box and one for the fan arm), and disconnect the coolant pipes from the matrix.
    5/ Remove the knobby nut thing above the fan.
    6/ remove the air duct for the passenger side.
    7/ (This is the bit that had me stumped as it doesn't come out without removing this). Remove the triangular steel bracket (3 screws) at the top left hand side of the centre console (just to the right of the glove box)
    8/ bit of a heave and the whole box complete with fan arm should come out. Careful not to break the attachments for the fan arm to the box. (it should be possible to remove the fan arm separately but I couldn't get at all the clips)
    9/ The rest is easy as the matrix simply lifts out.

    Refitting is easier if you remember which screw goes where!

    So there you go, matrix replaced in 3 hours. Could definately do it in a couple of hours now having done it before.

    Hope this helps someone.
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    Brilliant, perhaps this should go into the knowledgebase? It would be ultra-cool if you'd taken some pictures too ...
    [ WARNING: the above message may contain irony, sarcasm and outright lies. ]

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    yeah apart from actually getting the box bit with the matrix out rest is piece of pi$$, good if you can get a mate to help with getting the box bit back in when lining up the screws throuh the bulk head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_mat
    Brilliant, perhaps this should go into the knowledgebase? It would be ultra-cool if you'd taken some pictures too ...
    i'd like to see pics too. Bit like seeing how they get a ship in a bottle ... vwsig4.jpg
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    wow all those guys who took the dash out, get in that corner and put the hat on with the big D on it!!

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    It was possible to remove it in place but it probably takes more time to work around it than to remove the lot..

    8 hours to do matrix with dash out !!!!!!!

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    "I admire your indefatigability..." - to coin a phrase.

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    Due to the weirdness of the corrado, i have been lucky, but expecting this 2 go sometime- i would like to thank you very much "Chuck" 4 this info as my matrix emptied itself 2day on my feet and was told that the dash would need 2 b removed!!!! Cheers mate

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    Nice job,


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    Good work chuck and thanks for wikifying, trig
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