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Thread: Heater Matrix Replacement Guide

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    I'd say it should be the same part for a UK car that had aircon retrofitted, but it might be different for US/Europe models with fsctory aircon. The matrix is just to get heat into the system anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delfinis38 View Post
    looking at a heater matrix..

    silly question coming up... do I need a different matrix if I have air con ????

    the wording for the matrix im looking at says. No AC

    1991-1995 2.9 Petrol Coupe 190 bhp [Eng.Code: ABV] CRITERIA: NO AC; ABV.

    i'm assuming because corrados came standard without Air co. they would not put a new matrix in when air co was fitted. anyway its a different system.
    Definitely just a standard heater matrix if you have the Diavia aircon system.
    As said many times b4, get the best and redo the foam on the flaps (sounds wrong!!) I also gaffa taped all my plastic HVAC joints as it went back together, super efficient afterwards
    Good luck with this one
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    Sadly, not a clue.

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