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Thread: TT Wipers (arms & blades)

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    Did you see the one for the Seat Ibiza with the same part number but a 6KN prefix rather than 8N2? Wonder if they're, basically, the same...

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    Thanks Jim, it looks similar. Might be worth checking out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Hm - you're right. There seems to be many very similar variants though.
    Those listed dont have the aero blade fitting ends

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    Quote Originally Posted by VR6 Gar View Post
    Spotted a full set of TT aero arms and blades on ebay a few days ago for £48 delivered so snapped them up.

    I already knew that the passenger side arm would be too long but had plans on how to get round this. I also didn't want to have to cut the blades to make them fit, due to them hitting in the middle, like you do when using 2 Drivers side arms, so here is what I did when they arrived today....
    Thanks for the write up I've just bought a set of TT wipers for £25 delivered off ebay and was thinking of chopping a piece out of the arm and welding back together, but your solution is even neater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterbeck View Post
    Im getting quoted £166.15 for

    Arm x2 - 8N2 955 408D
    Blade x2 - 8N2 955 425E

    direct from main Audi dealer. Anyone know where i can find these any cheaper?

    Hi All,

    I just bought two of the 8N2 955 408D new from Audi but am told they don't/won't fit (or function properly because I have a left hand drive car and these parts numbers are for a right hand drive car. Is this correct?


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    This is the cheapest I have found the Audi TT wiper arms. Local audi dealer wanted about £80 each £47 is much better. If anyone has seen better offers please post details as I will be doing this modification soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M500 View Post
    This is the cheapest I have found the Audi TT wiper arms. Local audi dealer wanted about £80 each £47 is much better. If anyone has seen better offers please post details as I will be doing this modification soon.
    I just bought from here so cheers for putting up the link. Couldn't find others anywhere else.

    One thing I did notice; I bought these because I thought the splines on my old Audi TT(came with the car) arms had rounded off so they were slipping on the spindle but I notice the brand new ones don't have any splines at all. I figure the 'splines' on the old ones were therefore just cut by the splines on the spindle which is slightly annoying as I didn't need the new ones at all...

    Unless I have just got 2 duff ones somehow! Anyone just able to verify this?
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